Thursday, March 26, 2015



• The Punisher sees justice done, but his vigilantism won't be ignored anymore.
• Has Frank finally come up against a force he can't match?

It's on sale next week, Wednesday 1st of April.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015



Another issue out, and unfortunately another disappointment.
This issue could marked a turn of events regarding the Punisher and all this conspiracy but it turned out to be otherwise he didn't accomplish nothing.

Overall Edmondson built a good plot, personally i like some conspiracy stories but the execution of the main character was very poor through most of this series.

The other problem are the supporting cast, last issue Frank get on Sidewinder's mind and out of the blue he make him believe in him. Sidewinder's was the most strong minded and the leader of the Howling Commandos, by far he would be the most difficult to convince. 
And now in this issue we have Sam Stone, she was supporting the Punisher actions since day 1, now she's on the loose and heard news that the Punisher is responsible from the actual riots in L.A. She change her opinion about him? She wants to get him? 

It's not the first time that Edmondson presents us a Punisher with dillemmas and some inability to found out by himself what is his mission. And this time there is no Rachel Alves to pull him out of it.
And worst than this, Frank is unable to do what he does best... punish the wicked. When he get his hand on the "Secretary" he let him go, after all the lifes his actions cost in Mexico and in the current riots in L.A. 

I know what Edmondson is trying to built here and it's interesting but it's not the Punisher. The Punisher doesn't have moral code dillemas, he just do what needs to be done, plain and simple.
He might ask himself about some actions, i get it, but at least he should be able to execute them like he always does. But as it seems not in this run.

Mitch Gerads presents us a great graphic quality, very clean and detailed. The colors suit very well in every panel.
His covers are amazing and so far it was the most consistent item on this series. Next cover will be another fine piece by this great artist. 

  • Great cover and great artwork by Mitch Gerads.
  • The Punisher is out of character;
  •  Unconsistent supporting cast ( Sam Stone).

Final note: I tried to defend this series but it's getting more and more difficult to justify some actions. Reading this issue in trade is better but it won't give me the Punisher i want. This Punisher is unable to win or accomplish anything. If he will accomplish something in the upcoming issues, i don't know but it's a bit late for that when it's been already 16 issues.

OVERALL RATE: 6 out of 10

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


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• Frank follows the trail of corruption all the way to the nation’s capital!

• With the Punisher on a government hit list, has Frank walked into the lion’s den?

• Can the Punisher find the man pulling the strings?

On sale tomorrow!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

PC POST #239: MARVEL 1872 feat. The Punisher

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 Apparently Marvel will launch these series during Secret Wars event, more or less like the classic Marvel 1602. Only a few characters are confirmed like Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Punisher, Nick Fury and Kingpin. This will be a Western story but we are waiting for more news regarding these series, until now we don't know if this will be a limited series or a bit more but i will update this post as soon as Marvel is going to release more news. This series will be written by Gerry Dugan and the artist Doc Shaner.

Regarding the Punisher we don't know if this version is related to "A Man Named Frank" one-shot written by Chuck Dixon and on pencils John Buscema that was released almost 2 decades ago but it would be amazing if it was tied with that book.  

Here goes some artwork of Doc Shaner for these series: