Saturday, February 4, 2012

PC POST #7: The Punisher: coming to a small screen near you!

Now i know this isn't exactly what you'd call 'breaking news'; but at the back end of last year, Variety broke the news that Fox and ABC were aiming to bring a version of The Punisher to the small screen. This show would be executive produced by Ed Bernero, who has also acted as executive producer of Criminal Minds and co-creator of Third Watch. According to reports; this version of The Punisher would be NYPD detective Frank Castle, who moonlights as the vigilante known as The Punisher by night. While there's no guarantee that this show will ever see the light of day; it's worth noting that the show does have a put pilot commitment, which means a pilot should be aired at the very least.
You can find Varietys original story at the following link:

So what does the Punisher community think about this? Is the thought of a Punisher whose NOT spurred on by the death of his family cause for concern, or is it an exciting new take on the character? Who would we like to see cast as Frank Castle? Would we like to see any existing characters from the comics brought into the show, or would we like an entirely new cast of characters for The Punisher to interact with?


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  1. I think we dont have to take any opinions before we seen the show, lets give it a try and wait for the pilot.

    But in my opinion, anything that goes against the origins of a character don't have good chances of success.