Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PC POST #23: Super Hero Squad Online Meets The Punisher

Hero Up, Squaddies! "Super Hero Squad Online" is now live, and you can tour through Super Hero City as your favorite heroes in the all-new online game! In the coming months, we'll be highlighting the different Squaddies with new character vignettes and screenshots from the game right here on Marvel.com, so check back regularly for all the latest on "Super Hero Squad Online"!

The Punisher has a new mission: Keeping the streets of Super Hero City safe as one of the newest playable characters in "Super Hero Squad Online"!

Join Punisher as he struts all over town to take on exciting adventures and missions. The baddies won't stand a chance once Punisher gets his hands on them, one by one.

Plus, meet the Bunnisher in our character vignette from the game below! Trust us when we say you've never seen a version of the Punisher quite like this before!

Keep your eyes peeled to Marvel.com as we continue to bring you more spotlights on the Squaddies from "Super Hero Squad Online," and vist www.HeroUp.com to play the game yourself!

So it seems we've got our favorite character back in videogames, okay i know its not The Punisher (2004) from THQ Studios but from what i saw it will be very fun to play as the Punisher in this game.


Check this link to see The Punisher in action in Super Hero Squad Online.


  1. As good as the interview with Greg Rucka was, i think 'Bunnisher' might just be the best bit of content yet for Punisher Central.

  2. How do you get the Punisher in Superhero squad~?` I have been playing the game for months now and he is not in the store for you to buy~!` I have only seen one player with punisher and he is level 1430+ and i am just level 187 so he must have been playing from beta. Maybe they took the punisher out of purchase because of sandy hook and other mass shootings~?~ But I want him back, I want to use him, but I did get Ghost rider and he rides his bike around~` You don't see ghost rider in to many games~!` Put Punisher back in Superhero Squad his is a fictional character~!`