Friday, October 19, 2012

PC POST #88: Punisher: Nightmare book, news and Punisher: War-Zone #01 preview!

Hello Punisher fans!

This week we got some news about our favorite character.

In January we will get a new book for the Punisher, unfortunately it will be a limited series with 5 issues but no problem by me if Marvel keep 'em coming.

This book will be written by Gimple the Walking Dead TV series producer and writter and the art will be done by Texeira ( Space: Punisher).
In this book it will appear a new enemy Johnny Nightmare, as they say in the interview if he gets hurt he will grow more and more stronger ( probably a mutant?).
In this story Frank will know a soldier that lived the same nightmare as him. (the family of this soldier were killed in a mob crossfire and he gets in a coma).

You can check the interview for more details here.

Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

Cover #4

Cover #5

For the news section this week we know that the Red Leader will be part of the team of Thunderbolts, don't know how Frank will deal with this, because the Red Leader is truely a villain, i'm guessing that he wouldn't last long in this team...

- January 2013 we got an appearence of Frank in Fury Max #08.

There will be an anime movie named Iron Man: Rise of Technovore that will feature Iron Man,War Machine, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye and The Punisher. We will watch more news about this anime very closely. Here goes the trailer. See the article here.

It looks really cool, the art could be better in my opinion, but i'm glad that they give the Punisher a chance to be present in this anime. Maybe this could lead to many more appearences in Marvel animation.

At last but not the least i will post some pictures of the preview of the Punisher: War-Zone #01.

I love the art, And think there is some similarities with Marco's art, continue your good work Giandomenico. This issue will be available in 24th of October.

See you next time and i hope it will be soon.

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  1. Holy Shit! I wake up this morning to find out that there are new comic book titles on the way and some of them are already released, not to mention the fact that The Punisher will appear in media again, and in an anime no less!

    I love this Morning

  2. Yes, i'm very glad to see the Punisher in the world of animation again. Maybe this could be an open window to future projects with him make an appearence or have his own cartoon, that would be something.

  3. Definitely, especially in an anime, where there are no holds barred on violence. But I love the fact that he appears in the media again especially because I started to be the fan of The Punisher from the media, to be more precise, from the moment when he appeared in the Spider-Man 90's animated series.

  4. Good old days, besides Batman TAS, Spider-man from the 90's was for me the second best.

    I remember seeing the Punisher in some episodes of Spider-Man but seeing now his non lethal weapons was a kind of silly, but for me in that time was amazing.

  5. Exactly, my friend, it was awesome by that time, all the laser guns and such, it's quite ridiculously hilarious, the voice actor was kind of off too, but he did pretty good.