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PC POST #145: Thunderbolts #9 -Review-

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Thunderbolts #9 Review

Daniel Way continues to give us some nice thrilling ride in this issue but this one didn't surpass the previous #08, in my opinion. Phil Noto art seems very consistent and adequate to this comic ( way better than Dillon's) and the colors by GURU eFX continue to be wonderful as always, what could ruin this book back into Dillon's in the first arc was saved by them.

After the last issue ended with a huge explosion we see how Thunderbolts escaped. We got some insight of how the bomb was planted in Khitrovo's cellphone and how it worked and we see some development about Dr.Vanko, he seems to be in interesting character he is related to other character from the past that was resposible from the construction of the crimson dynamo suits.

After that page we see Punisher, Venom, Elektra and Red Hulk escaping from some sort of set up by the crimson dinamos, there is a cool action in the next panels focusing on this matter, the best part of the book to me personally.

During this fight we see that Deadpool take his senses back to him after being shot, he apparently don't know anything about it, which i think he is playing with them.

Venom is having weird dreams about Mercy and how she behave back in the first arc towards the rebels.

Some panels after we see that the CIA is back on their track, after getting some reports on issue #7 some video was caught by a civilian and spread it over the news they seem to catch some biometric data on Elektra but they didn't get any information on it.

Someone recognizes Elektra by the video and he is related by blood to her, this guy seems the main villain of this arc.

PLOT: 3.5/5
ART: 4/5

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