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PC POST #237: Punisher vs Batman by Dana Obera

Punisher vs Batman 
by Dana Obera

Here i am to cover a fan work and this time by Dana Obera. He make a tribute to Chuck Dixon's and John Romita Jr. Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights, but he gave a little touch and change the scenery to New York city instead of Gotham City... Here goes the 6 page story of his take on both characters, after this i will review it.

I don't know how to express such enthusiasm by reading this short story... Two of my favorite characters together (again) in a different city and fighting for their own ideals Dana delivered a simple plot but very direct and straight forward he show us that besides he is an artist he can be a good writer too.

I really dug the artwork of Dana's, specially the Punisher suit, it looks like an armor but it's really cool and solid! We can find some traces in his artwork that reminds me of manga but in no way it's bad.. for the contrary it's a nice touch.

The action is very solid and more important he respected both characters, we could see a Frank Castle very skilled at hand-to-hand combat (which he is.) against the master of 127 styles. Batman is slightly more skilled than Frank but i can't perceive a huge gap between them in this short comic.

One of the best things we have is in the final page when the Punisher questions Batman about his ways of dealing with the Joker. It's priceless.

The only problem is just for the only 6 pages!

Dana make a great tribute to Deadly Knights, i can't wait to see more of his work and who knows if his future comes to a big company, i hope he can make it! Thank you for this great comic!


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  1. That's not the Punisher at all, he doesn't talk like that, he doesn't waste his time trying to justify his actions, nor does he care if others don't follow his ways. A perfect example of that is in the Welcome Back Frank issue with Daredevil, "I know these speeches of yours by heart". He shouldn't be making them. Here he comes across like an anger teenager who just has to prove himself that's he's right because, "I'm The Punisher!"... really??? That's just lame.

    The Punisher has never thought he always wins, you can go all the way back to with Steven Grant.
    "a man who knows he's going to die and who knows in the big picture his actions will count for nothing, but who pursues his course because this is what he has chosen to do."

    Batman gets the drop on him because he talked too much... wow... I didn't see that one coming. The Punisher can't beat him in a fight, so he'll just beat him with words, of dire consequences... how exciting... this whole thing was predictable from beginning to end, it was just a typical fan fiction, but with pictures.

    "Batman is slightly more skilled than Frank but i can't perceive a huge gap between them in this short comic."

    This coming from someone who thinks the Punisher can take on Ghost Rider because he read up on him... I'm shocked... I mean since the facts don't fit that statement. Batman is not slightly more skilled than Frank, he's beyond him.