Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PC POST #243:-REVIEW- Punisher #17

Finally we have some payoff and it took several issues for us to see Frank getting in the right direction!

First things first, this issue got a great attraction... The duel between the Punisher and Captain "Falcon" America.

Wilson was more aggressive in this fight and he clearly wanted to put Frank down. Falcon got a slightly advantage because of his wings and soon Frank realize that and took out his wings with a blast of a grenade. Frank could've finished the job but he doesn't kill heroes, Frank main objective was giving the recorder to Falcon with his little chat with the Secretary to frame him.

Edmondson did a great job in this issue, when i had lost all hope for this run it seems that the Frank i care, is still in there. 
Edmondson didn't fall in the "trap" of making Falcon overcome the Punisher regarding combat skills, just because he is the current Captain America and an Avenger. In my opinion both characters have been respected and the final result was flawless. 

We got a good fight, Frank was slightly superior and he could prove his innocence.

Edmodson gave Frank his sense of direction and purpose back, after so many issues getting beaten and arrested without some payoff, Frank is back in the game.

Gerads did a wonderful job with the fight choreography and with the background scenes. Credits for Brent Schoonover with his artwork too.

The only con I can remember was the word "outmatched", I still got some problems with this lack of trust in himself, specially regarding Falcon.

Great job of this creative team, we are getting close to the " Last Days" and i'm expecting some kick ass Frank before Marvel Universe goes to kingdom come.

Overall Rate: 8.5 out of 10.

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  1. Frank got redemption on the toughest hero of them all, crazy! He could have plugged Electro with a rubber bullet to the eye until Domino interfered. He scarred Crossbones and then gave himself up to allow the other soldiers to escape. Initially, he was outsmarted by Black Widow then shown himself to be captured. Now, he actually got out of a fight with Falcon/Captain America. Very subtle indeed. This run has some great covers and crossovers that I wanted to see even though Frank lost every one accept maybe this one. I didn't realize he got the secretary on tape although that was simply disappointing. We'll see what the 2nd Dos Sol brother gets. I did like Frank talking to Tuggs at the end. Still, very low readership and too long of a storyline for this half-payoff. Thanks for the review.