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PC POST #247: -REVIEW- PUNISHER #18 + Secret Wars #1 (Punisher Cameo)


In this issue Edmondson present us a Frank with his motives very sharp and very focused in his mission and what he has to do to keep going the war.

This issue began really good with fast pacing issue and a nice touch by Mitch Gerads and Brent Schoonover on the plate of the SUV that Frank was driving (ASM-129).This issue marks one of the best issues of Mitch Gerads artwork, very clean and sharp. Personally i think he can do better work portraying daylight scenes than night time.

Seeing Frank executing Hector Dos Soles in public was kind of awkward but it didn't shock me but it was a shame it was "censored" when in the last pages he was shooting bad guys in the head. Either way, i like it, it was one of the few cool things in this issue.

One of the things we learned in this last issue was the mask Frank used, wasn't to conceal his identity but it was just part of a cool gear he uses. The mask was growing on me and it was very cool, but in the end it doesn't make any sense, since he takes off the mask in front of cameras. 

One thing that turned out to be funny was seeing how the media changed opinion when Frank executed Hector in public. Seconds before he was public enemy #1 and after shooting Hector he was almost national hero. Don't know if shooting a ganglord in front of national tv would help Frank get his image clean. I was always expected that Falcon America would give the recorder to the press of something but no, it wasn't needed he just shoot Hector in the head and he was clean as water. I don't buy this but i can live with it.
It was cool seeing the Howling Commandos again while seeing Frank executing Hector on tv and Thomas (his weapons supplier) too.

What ruined this issue was the last pages. The former officer Stone appears and she seems not knowing that Frank is now a hero ( for killing a gang lord in front of the world) and she blames him for everything that happened in L.A. suddently she stabs him Loot, Frank didn't fight back not even for the honor of his friend. Frank is losing too much blood and Loot i doubt he will survive this and both characters are together most likely in the last moments of Loot.

Didn't like what Edmondson done in here. Once again, he lost in his own comic. Once again he was owned by a nobody. And i don't remember in 20 years of reading Punisher comics that a stab could stop Frank. Specially after his companion was injured by Sam Stone that calls herself now "Memento".
Don't know if there is somewhat a tie-in in issue #19 because of Memento's actions but i'm expecting some payback, it would be really bad if it doesn't happen anything.

  • The Punisher executing Hector dos Soles;
  • And cool fighting/shooting sequences with some criminals in the last pages;
  • I loved the tribute of ASM 129;
  • Great artwork by Mitch Gerads and Brent Schoonover, these two make quite a team.   
  • Once again Frank lost in his own comic and didn't fight back to help his friend Loot. 


Secret Wars #1 ( Punisher Cameo)

There isn't too much to talk here, because there is only two panels with the Punisher but it was quite worth it.
It seems that Frank intercept an email sent by Kingpin to some supervillains to watching live to the downfall of the heroes while they fail to save the world.
When everyone is celebrating, Frank appears with an automatic weapon lock and load to fill everyone a new set of holes in their bodies.

Here goes the two panels:

Jonathan Hickman did something really good that some writers forget, the Punisher punishes. And it's obvious that in his last minutes of life he would do what he does best, killing criminals. Great touch and i didn't expect for seeing the character in this comic, specially in Secret Wars the main book of this event. Glad he did it.

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  1. If it isn't clear enough yet, the current treatment of Frank Castle as the Punisher is how Marvel creators and fans in general view the Punisher. Frank is not a hero or antihero to be left to wrestle with moral challenges like a normal Daredevil and can be put down by anybody Frank drops his guard even with 47 years of combat experience. Get used to it, things end only badly or would never end. As the resident old man, I say let him guest star in other series' or other universes not in his own title if Frank will simply lose out in the end. There are 2 positives for this current run, great covers, and crossovers with Electro, Crossbones, Black Widow, and Falcon/Captain America. Frank's sidekicks never last forever. Just my thoughts thanks for the review.