Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PC POST #261: -REVIEW- PUNISHER #20 (Last Issue)


The last issue of this series is out and the creative team end it with a bang!

This is the conclusion of the "Last Days" of the Punisher during the End of the World. For the people who don't know the Ultimate Universe (1610) and the Marvel Universe (616) will collide and destroying each other.

The Punisher will spent his last days punishing bad guys, last issue he wasted some villains from Marvel Universe and declared war to a terrorist cell named Black Dawn that are executing american hostages and one of them was Tom ( check out issue 7 & 8) a former associate of Frank's. 

After some kick ass action from last issue, the pace of this one is still action packed.

We see Frank get rid of dozens of Black Dawn members in many ways possible.
Edmondson show us a compressed story 2 part story that what only matters is the punishment he inflicts to the enemy and Frank does it flawlessly.
Make no mistake this was a senseless mission that what only matter was punishment.
Frank knew what was expecting him when tried to put down this organization and things went smoothly as he planned as his last mission in the Universe 616.
Mitch Gerads visuals are very impressive as always, i fear that i have nothing more to add about his astonishing visuals and "storytelling" in the way he makes his artwork tell the story for us. Even if one of us couldn't read, we couldn't understand perfectly what is happening. His artwork tells the story for itself.

My only complaint is some loose ends Frank didn't punished. If you have read this run you will know what i'm talking about... But on the other side, the world will go to kingdom come, they will get what they deserved.

OVERALL RATE : 7 out of 10

*Next week: A restrospective of this run! 

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  1. I agree Ivo, that the secretary should have been blasted although Frank had the chance during issue 16. I like the boot stomp to that bald leader, which was the highlight. I didn't realize that was Tom from issue 7-8 but figures he would get killed. Room is left for Stone/Tuggs/Loot/Sgt. Alves here for future runs. I will say covers were outstanding, crossovers were alright with my favorite being Falcon/Captain America. Pretty astonishing to see a world end although Frank looked like he was bleeding out anyway like in PunisherMax 2012, another great series ending. Like I mentioned, this series should have started this way, not ended this way. I am struggling with the re-boots (Rucka's and Edmondson's) and would rank them at or below Punisher 1-18 (1995-1997) due to slow storytelling and non-existent dialogue. I look forward to Daredevil/Punisher on Netflix and believe that is where new fans and Frank's character should be best represented now, on the small screen series as a guest star to be reckoned. As far as comics, Frank should either guest star or a decent miniseries (1-4 issues) every other year. Readership is way too low and writers have no problems with Frank losing or doing nothing for 1-1/2 years then turn up for last 3 months. Thanks for the review!

  2. Good thing I was satisfied by the ending. Went out with a bang indeed. I'm glad that the Howling Commandos became allies, but I wish Frank had beaten them first. Especially after how they severely injured him TWICE.