Sunday, December 20, 2015

PC POST #282: -REVIEW (Spoilers) - Ultimate End #5 (Punisher Appearence)

Probably this was the last appearence of Frank Castle during the current Secret Wars mega event.

Ultimate End tie-in was the book that counted with a significant Punisher appearence in every issue, not the best Punisher appearence because Bendis make him a confused character and almost a trigger happy lunatic even towards heroes.

This time, the Punisher had a minor appearence in this comic but that doesn't mean that wasn't irrelevant, in fact he had a glorious moment. 

While Miles Morales stopped the fight between the heroes and revealed the truth behind the Ultimate realm Doom sent his troops, the Thors squad.

Frank from a rooftop shoots a rocket and kills some Thors that were ready to attack the heroes.

 After the rocket explosion, Frank were killed by Thors... At the end of the issue most heroes fell.

The artwork is great by Mark Bagley but i didn't like how Bendis built the plot of the series and how he portrayed the Punisher, the Punisher acted like a lunatic in most of these issues. Only in the end he seemed that took some senses and fought Thors to defend the heroes who gave them time to teleport to a safe place.



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