Thursday, June 1, 2017

PC POST #355: Worst than being Franken-Castle or an avenging Angel is being a Hydra Punisher Agent.

(This article contain spoilers from Secret Empire #3)

Yesterday, once again Marvel shocked most of the comic book readers and non-readers. The Punisher appeared in the last page as a Hydra agent. Apparently he picked up the side of Steve Rogers instead of being part of the resistance.

There are many things that might still happened to Frank to explain such behavior. He might be a double agent, he might be acting solo with the purpose to destroy Hydra from the inside and kill Cap or the Cosmic Cube might also be responsible for this Hydra Punisher, the same treatment they gave to Captain America.

One thing is clear, we still have to read it to understand what happened. Marvel is playing it "right" for them, as long there is people mad like me writing about it, the more they will sell and promote their comics. But at what cost? At the cost of betraying everything that each character represents to himself and to the Marvel Universe and then erase it all and start all over. It's been this way Marvel does and deals with bad decisions in the last couple of years.

I'm going to be honest, this is worst than Franken-Castle, Angel Punisher or black Punisher. This i have no doubt. Franken-Castle or Angel Punisher were bad decisions that lead to awful writing but at least he was always himself, going after bad guys and kill them. This is what he is.
Working for a terrorist organization like Hydra is another example of lack of creativity and a way to play with the fandom. 

And no. The Punisher isn't Captain America's fanboy. He sided with him in Civil War because Stark was recruiting villains to his team, and joining Rogers side would be a good way to fight them. Of course he respects Captain America, he is a symbol. But that's it. 

If ever any hero crosses the line, he will be there to punish. Don't know how many times i read something like this in Punisher comics.
We have no other way than to read it and understand his reasons to side with HYDRA. 

I remember that not too long ago he wanted the Omega Drive to destroy these terrorist organizations. HYDRA, A.I.M., etc...

Let's hope Marvel explains this really well and stop making the fandom angry about their decisions. At least take a good example of DC... Oh wait... They are selling better than you, right?

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  1. I can't believe how many people (non-Punisher fans most likely or at least I hope) are saying that this makes sense, that he's always been a villain and a fascist since calling people that and a Nazi has become the norm these day. But they of course don't back it up with anything like images and quotes... nothing!

    If this is Frank going undercover, which he has done in the past, playing a part, or he's under some type of control, he's not the real Punisher, it's a clone and so on, it would have helped to give a somewhat wink or nod to the reader to let us know that the Punisher hasn't become a villain. We'll see what happens because that's the only way there getting out of this mess. But time and time again we've seen the people at Marvel not giving a fuck about there own characters getting screwed up by talentless hacks who are just going for shock and all and leaving it up to the next person to fix...

    Frank saying that Cap has always been his hero... I thought that picture of him saying that came form a different reality where he had to fight zombie versions of the characters because it seems to have come out of nowhere, I'm tying to remember if that was ever shown or implied by Frank in the 616 Marvel Universe throughout the 70s 80s, 90s, early and mid 2000s, I mean yeah he respected him... but his hero???? I don't correct DC comics, but I know there kicking there ass.