Monday, April 23, 2012

PC POST #43: Space Punisher Preview!

By @Neil4LOST

Punisher fighting a new HULK!
Space Punisher #1 (of 4) series
Written by: Frank Tieri
Art & Colors by: Mark Texeira

Additional information:
32 pgs./Parental Advisory

Preview: Punisher is on a shoot and kill his way through the criminal hierarchy of outer space starting with the infamous Sym-Brood-Ant Queen!

This will be Punisher's first journey into space and before you discount the possibility of this outlandish story of being success you should look at some of the artwork that has been released so far. That doesn't mean however that the writing will be great but knowing that Frank Tieri has written Frank Castle in the past does help.

What do you think? Will a Frank Castle story based in outer space be a success? Will the back story of Punisher still hold up or will Tieri change the cold-hearted killer's past that we have all come to know and love?


At a space cantina?
Punisher & aliens


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  1. Really not convinced by a Punisher story set in space. The whole concept just seems out of character for The Punisher.