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PC POST #40: The Omega Effect: Part 2 Review

Punisher #10 (@neil4LOST copy)

The Omega Effect: Part 2 (The Punisher #10)

WRITERS: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Marco Checchetto
COLOR ARTIST: Matt Hollingsworth
LETTERS: VC’s Joe Caramagna
COVER: Marco Checchetto
EDITOR: Stephen Wacker
PUBLISHER: Dan Buckley

Release Date: April 18th, 2012
Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, INC.

Price – $3.99
(32 Pages, single-issue, color)

INTRODUCTION: (From page 1)

Marine Sergeant Rachel Cole-Alves, still burning for vengeance against the Exchange, the criminal organization that murdered her husband and family on her wedding day, has finally crossed paths with Frank Castle, and for the moment, the Punisher is willing to share agendas.

But there’s a new wrinkle. The Man Without Fear, Daredevil, has come into possession of the Omega Drive, a storage device with untold terabytes of information about every criminal organization in existence. Now hunted by these same organizations, DD has turned to the Punisher for tactical advice – how to survive this onslaught, and end the threat the Omega Drive poses.

Further complicated matters, the Avenging Spider-Man has learned of the drive, and of Daredevil’s situation. Coming to the Man Without Fear’s aid, he was shocked to discover Daredevil already striking a deal with Frank Castle.

An uneasy alliance has been formed – for one night, Castle, Cole, Daredevil, and Spider-Man will wreak havoc on the New York underworld…at the end of which, the Omega Drive will be destroyed for all to see.

That’s the plan, at least.


Greg Rucka is back home working on the book that he writes so well…The Punisher. Except this time, Rucka’s duties include writing the bridge issue of the much anticipated “Omega Effect” crossover featuring Avenging Spider-Man, Punisher, Rachel Cole-Alves, and Daredevil. Rucka and Waid did an excellent job in their collaboration effort in Avenging Spider-Man #6 by catching up readers on what exactly the Omega Drive was and how important the information it held is to five mega-crime organizations.

Rucka continues the story by unfolding the plan that Frank Castle shares with Spidey and Daredevil. Frank’s plan is to inform all of the mega-crime organizations that at 3 A.M. the same night, the Omega Drive will be up for grabs. Rucka has a difficult job in balancing many character interactions, the plot and several themes all at the same time. Some of the character interactions that he explores are Spidey and Frank, Daredevil and Frank, Daredevil and Cole-Alves. Trust is a major theme in this issue as Spider-Man struggles to trust that Frank and Rachel will keep their word.

All in all, this was a solid effort by Rucka in exploring the characters interactions with each other and to begin the road towards concluding the Omega Effect crossover.

Rating – “B+”


Checchetto’s work on Punisher has received quite a bit of attention as of late. He has continued his solid work again in Punisher #10. From the gorgeous crossover cover to the dark and moody pages within the book, to the amazing reveal as to how Frank designs the Punisher skull for his clothing, Checchetto adds incredible depth to this story and it feels very appropriate given the interactions and themes that Rucka works so hard to convey in his storytelling. I hate to say it but if Marco continues this kind of solid work he might not last much longer on this series. Outside of Greg Capullo, who is the current artist on “Batman”, Checchetto has to be one of the most gifted artists working today.

Rating – “A+”


Rucka tells a story in Punisher #10 that really revolves around two themes…trust and vengeance. These two themes excited me when I realized that they would be explored together in the same book. Rucka likes to explore in a relentless fashion themes.

The trust theme is one that he uses to drive the first half of the issue. Spider-Man never trusts either Frank Castle or Rachel Cole-Alves. Daredevil however, trusts that Frank and Rachel have kept their word up to this point so why shouldn’t they continue to believe that they can work together throughout the remainder of the night?
The vengeance theme is one that involves Rachel Cole-Alves and Daredevil. Daredevil tries to help Rachel to let go of her desire to take lives to quench the pain that she is experiencing from the murder of her husband and friends. At one point in the book it seems that Daredevil convinces Rachel to let go and to not give in to the lifestyle that Frank lives. But does Rachel really believe what Daredevil says or is it a con?

Rating – “A”


Rucka creates dichotomy in this issue between the characters with each of his themes. It comes across beautifully as well. The trust theme comes across with the characters of Daredevil and Punisher and the vengeance or distrust theme comes across with Spider-Man and Rachel Cole-Alves. There is even a pivotal point in the story where the characters are paired up in groups with each other and the dichotomy is even used to move the plot forward in that manner.

Daredevil is represented as a man that wants to expose the mega-crime organizations while attempting to convince Rachel that she can be a better person. Spider-Man is his normal doubting and talkative self. Punisher is quiet, moody and tactical and Rachel is controlled but seething on the inside waiting for her chance to strike. All of these representations feel consistent with what has been established in past issues and Rucka does an awesome job at continuing these representations moving forward.

It becomes obvious in this issue that Rachel is meant to be a female version of Frank Castle. This is clearly shown on my favorite page of the issue where Frank is making a bullet-proof vest for Rachel and he uses his skull stencil to brand who she is and what she will be about.

Rating – “A”


This book doesn’t have as much action as the first part of the Omega Effect but it is clear that the action is about to go through the roof in Daredevil #11. This book reflects Rucka as a writer who explores themes and motives of individuals and why they do what they do. Also in traditional Punisher fashion there is a fantastic swerve on the last page of the book. There is no doubt that the events that take place on the last page will have a major effect on what happens with the information that is on the Omega Drive!

Rating – “B+”



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