Friday, August 16, 2013

PC POST #161: More Ennis Punisher!!! & PREVIEW of Thunderbolts #14

posted by @Ivo

Hi everyone these last weeks were the worst in terms of Punisher stuff since i post in this blog... Thunderbolts #13 being a Red Hulk and Mercy exclusive issue and Superior foes of Spider-Man #2 being an issue with Punisher without the REAL Punisher so i haven't done any review in both issues.

But today things will be HUGE, yesterday a fan of my personal page ( PUNISHER HQ) Kevin Deitz (Thank you, man), said that Ennis did an interview on comiXology mentioned that he will be working in a Punisher mini-series to be released in the beggining of the new year.

Check this link and search for mark 9:10 and you will hear it for yourself. ( via @comiXology)

I'm really excited for more news about this new upcoming Punisher book with Ennis, i believe that probably it's MAX but he didn't mentioned it, so we will stay alert for more details.


Well personally i don't know how to say it, but i'm not digging this art right now... I have seen some works of mr. Palo but the art of this book is the worst i have seen from him and in this book.


  1. Holy shit... this is a Marvel comic book or a Mad magazine without the humor??? Is the Punisher wearing shoulder pads? Is Elektra and everyone else anorexia? Ross looks like he has Guile's hairstyle from Street Fighter... are they trying to get more people to drop this comic???? This better be some Mafia group that Frank just wasn't able to kill off without help... although one of the covers (not this one) to this sotryline issue looks pretty dumb.

    It's gotten to the point where I actually have to ask... didn't the Punisher use to fight normal bad guys and not characters that look like they come from a Sci-Fi/Horror film that Mystery Science Theater 3000 would make fun of????? The only thing that Soule has added to this comic is just more action.

    I love Ennis, no one will ever come close to his Punisher. It would be great to see the Punisher getting back to fighting normal criminals in storylines that are actually very deep, personal and relevant and not fighting Ninjas, monsters, or teaming up with dumb boring redhead females or annoying superheroes. But his last short Punisher story, War Zone, was not very good. If it is a Max comic... then how is he going to get past the fact he was killed off and his past completely rewritten???? All done for shock value and "oh my god!" moments... no more of this Untold Tales crap.

    1. Yeah, I'll agree that Punisher starts feeling a bit like Batman in those scenarios. However, at least in Thunderbolts it makes a bit of sense. I'm just not sold on their being a threat that Punisher, or any one of these guys, can't handle on their own that wouldn't get the attention of the Avengers.

    2. Personally, I don't mind Frank occasionally punching above his weight class, I think he does have the mind and will for it.

      And I'll take Chuck Dixon over Ennis any day. I skipped the end of his Max run and the last War Zone arc. I'll probably skip his return.

    3. It's a though choice to decide between Dixon and Ennis.

      But if you ask me who would sell more, i bet Ennis would do.