Wednesday, October 2, 2013


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(W) Charles Soule (A) Jefte Palo (C) Julian Tedesco

Thunderbolts #16 comes out and this one is action packed! We got Red Hulk crackin' some aliens heads, Deadpool is hack n' slashing some aliens and looking for a slice of pizza, Punisher, Elektra and Venom finally arrive in the Paguros headquarters after beating a dozen of punks while the earth is being invaded and Supernova ( one of the lieutenants of Thanos) is trying to steal the Leader's secrets, and were blasted by Mercy, finally she has done something for the team ( or for herself?).

This issue has a whole is decent but i got a few concerns about the Punisher in this issue... First of all we finally know what were inside the box that the Punisher transported in the van... its a bomb. A really big one. The Paguros as soon as they find out about the invasion they hide themselfs in a bunker. Since Red Hulk were occupied, Frank tried to smoke them out of their hiding using the bomb, when he set the timer something went wrong and instead of marking ten minutes it were ten seconds.  Thanks to Venom he saved the team, sent the bomb to a ship, destroying it and opening a hole in the bunker of the Paguros.

This isn't Frank. To me he wouldn't mess with a bomb without some proper knowledge on how to use it. He put the team in danger and first of all the mission.

Frank in the last issues is behaving like some "junkie" that only cares about killing criminals no matter what. I know that his mission of life is killing them, but i rather prefer a cold Punisher than a Punisher almost drooling to kill. He is more than this, in my opinion.

The art improved a bit to and the action scenes are decent too, the colors of this issue are great thanks to GURU eFX. Besides the same problems i have with the bodies of the characters, there is one panel before when Supergiant is breaking the sub, the Leaders head are exaggeratedly tall.

Tedesco cover is fine, but he has done better in the past issues. It lacks a bit of color and detail.




  1. marvel seems to want the punisher to seem like a lunatic the last few years, instead of someone who just understands the system doesn't always work. so them writing him as unstable doesn't surprise me. disappoint, but not surprise.

  2. This is the way Charles Soule has been writing the Punisher since he took over, he makes Frank look like an out-of-control nutcase who has no experience in fighting, weapons and explosives. The interview he gave a few months ago about how he liked and understood the character, I didn't buy one word of it, I've hear it all before from hacks like him. Where are you Garth Ennis?!?!? We need you now!

    Then there's the artwork... if this was a MAD magazine that was a parody and made fun of these kinds of teams and stories, then everything in this would actually make sense.

    1. I really had some hope when Soule did Thunderbolts #12, that book was really good and Frank was portrayed right. It was a great issue.