Monday, September 30, 2013

PC POST #169: Punisher: No Mercy fan film + REVIEW

posted by @Ivo


Finally the long wait is over! And you know what... I like it very much!
This movie is basically a classic Punisher story, Frank is after some mobsters and wants to destroy their nest. 
It is a very simple plot and a huge Garth Ennis feel through the entire film and at the end we know this was made by fans for the fans, this team put a lot of love through all this fan film and i thank them for all this effort with minimum resources. This film just show to the Big Studios that it's possible to make a great Punisher movie.

Let's talk about the Punisher, Shawn Baichoo did a good work personifying the character, despite all of the critics i have seen in this blog, he captured flawlessly the psych of the character. I don't care if he is baldy or skinny. To me the Punisher is more than a simple man, it doesn't matter if he is skinny or fat, long hair or baldy. It's someone that sacrificed a pieceful life for a mission, waging a war for those who deserve it. This is a fan film and i don't care about the physical differences if the actor portrayed the psych of the character flawlessly. The shooting scene was really good, plenty of action and very well choreographed.

I liked how Amber Goldfarb portrayed Elektra, she did it great! She is really beautiful and her hand-to-hand combat pleased me, she behaved liked a real assassin.

During the combat with Amber, Shawn Baichoo did a great job by showing some simple and effective movements, remembering me that Frank was once great fighter and not only a marksmanship. For moments i was afraid for seeing some fancy movements for the "show" but he did not fall for this error. Gladly. Although he could use more the surroundings to give more "pain" to Elektra... Maybe next time.

Many thanks for J. Ambrus, Baichoo, Goldfarb, Malloch, Caltabiano ( Excelent Vinny Rizzo) and all the staff in this fan film, i really hope to see a sequel in the future.

OVERALL SCORE : 4 out of 5



  1. Ennis hardy ever had characters saying such cliché lines, where they try to out tough each other, and he didn't put in action scenes just for the sake of it, and there was dark humor in it. This just took itself way too seriously. It seems that Elektra was just thrown in here just so these two could fight. This Punisher did just about everything halfass, pretty unprofessional from someone who's suppose to be a military veteran. The fact that cosplay fans go too far more lengths to look like the characters they've dressed up as is pretty sad when it comes to this guy. There was a lot of bad editing, views from the wrong angles, choppy scenes put together and so on.

  2. If you are expecting a hollywood blockbuster this isn't a movie for you. This had a low budget and we have to review it as a low budget film, or better, a fan film. And for a fan film this was over the top.

  3. Just for the record, we were not adapting Ennis' work. No Mercy is an amalgam of influences among which Ennis figured prominently. As far as the fighting, editing and camera angles, I would love to hear how you would have put it all together as you sound like a bit of an expert in the field. Your feedback is important to us. Thanks for watching!