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PC POST #186: -REVIEW- Thunderbolts #20

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Thunderbolts found a new place to settle (After the sub got sink by Thanos forces), new member (Ghost Rider) and a new mission, give a new address to Mercy... In Hell!

In overal i liked this issue. Charles Soule gave us an entertaining reading keeping a good balance between humour, action and plot.

I really liked the arrival of Ghost Rider, since the beggining of this book i thought that GR should have earned a place in this team so this was a good surprise when they announce it.

What i liked the most is that, FINALLY Ross viewed Mercy as a  problem and someone he can't control (after she killed dozens of people and aliens in Infinity-tie in). I can foresee that Mercy will be the most difficult challenge that this team has ever faced. Personally in 19 issues i never found any difficult challenge that this team couldn't make it. 

This was a set up issue, but i believe this will be a starting point to something good.

Carlo Barberi artwork is amazing! I like his artwork and to me one of the best that we have ever seen in this book. I like his style, he draws beautifully every character. I have just one thing to point out as a "downside"... The face of Flash is very similar to Johnny.

I have to mention Israel Silva (Colorist) he did a wonderful job in setting this "dark tone" to the book. In past issues i always thought it were overly colorful... Great work by Israel Silva.

OVERAL RATING: 4 out of 5

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