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PC POST #188: -REVIEW- Superior Spider-Man Team Up #09

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Look who's back? The Punisher is back in a Spider-Man comic with Daredevil! The team of  "Omega Effect" (now with Doc Ock as Spider Man) is back to action for this big Spider Man event "Goblin Nation" it was defined by Marvel's as the "biggest Superior Spider-Man story of all". It's not difficult to guess who is the bad boy of this event.

First of all it's a wonderful thing seeing the same team of "Omega Effect" reunited for this event. 

I don't recall of reading anything from Kevin Shinick but i have to tell he did a decent job in this issue! He respected fair enough the characters in this comic and make this issue really interesting for the threat these characters will face. One of the gliders that the Punisher had in one of his warehouses was stolen. Daredevil and Punisher contacted Superior SM to get him up to date. But things turn out bad for the Superior "arrogant" Spider-Man under his nose he got a mole in his base of operations and it seems that the "mole" is not alone.

The set is staged and i'm really looking forward for the next issue... Keep it up Kevin Shinick.

The Punisher was really active in this issue, there was one line i though it were out of character but didn't ruin at all, there was time i found Frank a bit talkative but i didn't dislike it. In my opinion in terms of action he were the one most active, more than Spider-Man and Daredevil. Which i found it great as a Punisher fan. I hope he continues this active in the upcoming issues.

Marco Chechetto artwork is amazing as always, i felt a bit nostalgic seeing him drawing the Punisher, i remember the great Punisher run he had with Greg Rucka two years ago. I wish these guys could back to work together in a Punisher comic.

I will recommend this issue for all the fans of the three characters in it.

Overall Rating4 out of 5


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  1. When is the Punisher going to stop teaming up with these lame superheroes (that he can't relate to at all) and fighting so-called threats that he really shouldn't be in involved with and get back to fighting criminals??? You know, normal people, which is what he was trained to fight.

    But I guess this is what happens when you become easily amused and can't let go of the 90s...