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Thunderbolts were sent (mistakenly) to hell by Ghost Rider who missed his own spell and sent the team instead of Mercy.
They will try to find ways to go back but things will be far more difficult than what they thought... They have to make a deal and beat the guy who is now in charge of Hell.
Meanwhile Frank and Elektra are in the bench, Elektra gets a new intel of a guy to eliminate a mid boss criminal and invites Frank to help her... In the field and ready to began the mission, someone appears and beat Elektra up without effort, she's asking questions about the other members... Guess who?

Another entertaining issue delivered by Charles Soule. Since this arc began by the new imprint of MarvelNOW this book improved the quality... a LOT! 

I really dig the dialogues between the characters and the characters itself both are very well built. This second issue of this arc lose a bit of action (comparing to issue #20) but was more richer storywise.

About the arc, i'm really digging the art of Carlo Barberi and the colors by Israel Silva. I can risk to say that this is the best art team this book has seen!

The cover is simply amazing the art is very similar to Barberi's but it was done by Greg Land & Andres Mossa. Really good work!

I really liked the part when the Leader writes down the deal and Deadpool is the notary! I think Deadpool as "the notary man" has done something that will "save" the team in the end with this shadowy deal.

Another thing to mention is the dialog between Venom and Ghost Rider about the team, GR seems interested in the way the team "works" together. 

I would like to see some Elektra and Punisher action at least dealing with some thugs but the mission were interrupted by someone far more dangerous... I'm looking forward to see the next issue.


*As some of you have noticed the reviews are being a bit late than usual, normally i can write down in 2/3 days max since the release and for this review it's been a week. 
I will continue to review this book until the end of this arc. I'm a bit tight of free time so i have decided that i will focus my attention to the new Punisher run by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads. I will keep follow Thunderbolts but don't expect reviews regularly. Sorry for the inconvenient.

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