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By: @ivomgs 
(I will try to keep it spoiler free as possible)

After two weeks since the relauch of this title we are gifted with another GREAT issue!

Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads keeps surprising me in every issue, they are doing "new" stuff with the character and until now they are executing it flawlessly! The pace is great and the action is top notch. Everything that a Punisher book should have. This could serve as a 101 for newcomers!

In this issue we will learn that Dos Soles are making business with A.I.M. and they acquired from them a "weapon" to conquer the city.
We can count for further developments in the supporting cast and an addition to the cast in these case a PET.
I liked how Nathan and Mitch "explained" how Frank is operating in L.A. and probably no one from the the diner know at least for sure that Frank is the Punisher. It makes sense and it's really cool. I really love it.
We got a glimpse how the Howling Commandos will track Frank, probably they will... next issue.

Nathan keeps exploring really well this "social" Frank and his relationship with others and now with his pet! I really like how Frank was surprised by this "weapon" and how unprepared he were "apparently" for it.
Mitch artwork is really good and he did a wonderful job in the actions scenes in the shootout with the gangs and in the final pages with this new "weapon".

Nathan and Mitch are the perfect match for this book, Nathan for the good plot he is building and Mitch for giving life to the words of Nathan. I hope they continue to deliver this quality to all the fans. I couldn't give less than this kind of rating, these guys are really good. I'm being impressed every issue!



By: @Neil4LOST

So just two weeks after the re-launch of a new self-titled Punisher book fans are treated to issue #2 of the series. Most of what readers are exposed to from Nathan Edmonson is right on par from the first issue. There is a crime group out of L.A. called, "Dos Soles" and they are taking steps to strike back at Frank Castle before he becomes too much of a threat to their operations.

There are a few things that Edmondson does really well in this issue. The first is that readers get a little bit of a backstory on why Frank left New York and how long his journey out west has taken. It is helpful in setting the context for this new Punisher series and it is taken care of very early in this issue. Then there is the fact that Edmondson is introducing readers to a new type of Punisher. He is just as deadly and dedicated but his demeanor and character is much more human and relatable. I wonder if this is due to pressures at Marvel to change the character to make Punisher a character that mainstream comic readers will engage with. I am not 100 percent sure that his character is quite there yet but if Edmondson continues on the path he is going I could definitely see this Punisher being a fresh take on the character and one that Marvel would be able to work with in the future. Lastly, the action in this issue is handled well and it provides for some great moments that lead up to the twist at the end of the issue.

As far as art goes, the book isnt pretty but it gets the job done and it provides a proper feel for the story and its setting. I like how Frank is drawn but environments and action leaves a lot to be desired.

                                                     OVERALL RATING: 4.0 / 5



  1. "He is just as deadly and dedicated but his demeanor and character is much more human and relatable. I wonder if this is due to pressures at Marvel to change the character to make Punisher a character that mainstream comic readers will engage with."

    Sounds like a really bad idea and that Edmondson is just a "spineless yes man" for Marvel. Preview images for issue #3 show Frank at a bar getting drunk and looking sad (because the whole "bar scene" never gets old or becomes a cliché)... oh great... 2004 film Punisher who drinks all the time sounds perfect. What's next, he's going to have Frank start smoking, crying and falling in love in order for him to be relatable and that readers will be more engaged with???? Looks like they think that the Punisher needs to be a Wolverine or a Nick Fury clone. I mean he already was a Naked Snake/Big Boss clone, so I wouldn't put it pass them.

    1. Obviously you didn't read the book cuz he is at a diner not a bar and you always have dumb shit to say and youre always misinformed or half-baked. seriously dude if you hate the punisher so much stop commenting this is a great book and no one wants your negativity youre just a trolling dumbass whos comments have little to no meaning to anyone

    2. The only cliché here is you with your negativity... Plus you don't read the comic your opinion is based in your imagination.

  2. Keep buying the book so at least it can make beyond 12 issues and into 2-3 years. Otherwise wait for Ennis to do his mini-series later this year although that is not the punisher, simply a terrified young kid fighting the tet offensive at Khe Sanh. Good thing Frank is only a comic book character, he is too lucky to have survived this long playing at that high level.
    Still, fun to see Frank stick it to the mexican drug cartels and talk trash as to how the heroes fought the villains in the sky and left everyone else to defend themselves.