Friday, May 30, 2014

PC POST #206:-PREVIEW- PUNISHER #6 & Cover for issue #10

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Don't forget to get this on 4th of June, next wednesday!

• The electrifying conclusion to the Dos Soles story!

• Will L.A. burn, or can Frank fight fire with fire?

• And even if Frank can overcome A.I.M. and the Dos Soles, can he escape the ever-tightening noose of the Howling Commandos?

 And now this beautiful piece cover by Mitch Gerads for Punisher #10! This guy is incredible!



  1. Edmondson's Punisher is truly turning out to be one of the weakest versions ever. The MAX version took several hits in the first storyline and a shotgun blast to one of his ribs and was still able to fight on. Hell, there was Summer Special issue where Frank took a blow from an axe to the back his head. He was wearing a helmet, but still... one kick to the head and he's out???

    To think that there was a time when Frank could fight people to standstill like Wolverine or U.S. Agent... but now... it's no wonder that most people say that everyone in the Marvel world can kick his ass without breaking a sweat.

  2. Well you're right in a way... But he killed Marvel Universe 2 times. He is not that useless. He wasn't prepared and Domino sucker punched him. You got problems of interpretation.

  3. I have been kicked in the back of the head and damn near passed out myself. Mutants and super humans are not real. In this case, it would have been nice to see Frank injure Electro and shoot Domino in the side wounding here since she is supporting a terrorist group hired by a drug gang to shut down all LA infrastructure, oh she and electro need to go badly. Also, 5 issues of anticipation just to see them get away is too bad. But, comics don't dispatch evil, only wait until future issues to deal with consequences. I still like the book and keep buying it. Seems like Thunderbolts will stop after issue 30 so this is all Frank we will see. Any word on when Platoon will come out this year?

    1. Not yet Derek... We are waiting for more news!