Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PC POST #205: Punisher & Black Widow Crossover

posted by @ivomgs

The skull and the spider will finally meet according to the latest interview by Nathan Edmondson on CBR.

In way this wasn't a big surprise at all, since Edmondson is the writer of both titles, this crossover will be told in both Frank perspective ( Punisher #9) and Natasha's (Black Widow #9) so there will be slightly differences in the way both titles will be told. Mitch Gerads will continue his work on Punisher and Phil Noto will continue as the Black Widow main artist.

To enjoy the full experience of this crossover we have to pick both titles! 

Excelent sales maneuver by Marvel but in a way this will bring both BW fans and Punisher fans to get each other titles and maybe boost the sales.

Read all the article here.


  1. Oh joy... two characters who don't like each other have a team-up. Yeah, lets have the whole, we hate each other, but lets work together cliché. But if this is a crossover just to boost the sales... then Edmondson is turning into a hack.

    "The skull and the spider will finally meet"

    But they've known each other since what... the late 80s or early 90s. Rucka couldn't even get that right.

    "both are complicated characters on the fringes of super heroism"

    Proof that he doesn't get the Punisher's character at all.

  2. Your whole post is proof that your a Ennis worshipper that doesn't given anybody a chance.

  3. I'm curious to see how this will end... I hope it ends well!

  4. Thinking about this a little more, Is this they way Rucka's run went as well. He started out normal than has a crossover with somebody in the Marvel U(in Rucka's case Daredevil and Spider-Man) than Marvel says "This isn't working out, so we're canceling it, we'll give you a mini to finish this up"

    I know this crossover exist because Edmonson is doing both runs but to me this run of Punisher almost seems to be doomed to repeat the past, in that it's gonna fail after about twenty issues.

    Like I said on the Body Count fan page, I honestly believe Marvel sets these Punisher runs to get as much money as they possibly can before they hit that red line that demands them to cancel the book and then gives us fans minis to shore up any plot threads to squeeze just a little more money from us.

    If this happens to Edmonson's run, I will not pick up another run again until it go's over thirty issues.

    1. It's too soon to think this will be canceled... The numbers are ok until now. We have to be above 25k and right now issue #4 was 28k. let's hope this didn't drop so much, but right now this is going better than Rucka's.

  5. im totally excited ive been waiting for this crossover for a minute. I even bought the Marvel's confidential with these two and since bw and frank have the same writer I knew this would happen. I just hope to god this will be in volume 1 since ive already preordered it

    1. Volume 1 will have only issues #1 to #6. This will be part of Volume 2.

    2. damn. thanks IS ill make sure I pick up BW vol 1 & 2 and Punisher vol 2