Tuesday, July 15, 2014


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It's been awhile since i reviewed a Thunderbolts issue, but since the upcoming arc is Punisher related i will make a review, sorry for being late. After the review there is a preview of the upcoming issue on sale tomorrow!

Great issue, action packed and very entertaining like a team of badasses should be. Acker and Blacker did a great job not only portraying these antiheroes and on developing this plot.

Acker and Blacker created a promising issue and i am very excited to see how this will end. In this issue they stopped Dr Faustus team to attack Avengers and they fought zombies!! 

They nailed very sensitive "items" that should concern any Punisher fan.
Like: How can Frank work with villains, when he can put a bullet in them for good? Well, Ross will make a questionable decision and there will be a conflict between the two characters.

Best start of an arc in this series to date, in my opinion. It ended with an huge cliffhanger but it was needed to keep every reader waiting for the next issue. I am really excited to see

Carlo Barberi artwork is really good but this could only succeed thanks to Carlos Cuevas and Israel Silva.

Here goes the preview for Thunderbolts #28 on sale tomorrow!

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