Saturday, July 19, 2014


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"Punisher vs Thunderbolts part II" was good! After a half dead book that from time to time had one decent issue, Acker and Blacker make the quality of this book improve drastically and for two issues in a row i've been hooked !

This issue doesn't have the Punisher appearence at least "apparently" but it's equally balanced between the members of Thunderbolts. The team is broken to pieces and we got a character that quits from the team. The Avengers are getting close to the Thunderbolts after Hawkeye investigate the remains of Frank's warehouse.

We get some good action scenes when Elektra found Hawkeye in Punisher's warehouse and Elektra facing Red Hulk, she thinks that he is reponsible for planting the bomb in Frank's warehouse.
The unthinkable happens when "someone" pull the trigger and shot two characters down and the weapon designed for killing a Hulk disappears.

 In this issue i wasn't a great fan of Sandoval's artwork. There was times that faces seems too exagerated and remind me of Jefte Palo's. Sandoval's has similarities with Barberi's but there are times when he wants to give some expression to the characters it gets too cartoony for me. Silva's pencils are spot on, it was what saved the art in my opinion.

OVERAL RATE: 7.5 / 10


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  1. Ha, watch frank bring down the higher ups in the military whose uniforms will be dragged through the mud, general ross!