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PC POST 289: -Insight- Daredevil S02 Trailer #2 (Punisher Centric Trailer)

I finally settle down... It took me a few hours to do it. But now, i'm good.

For those who let slip the upcoming Daredevil S2 trailer #2 with the Punisher in it check the link below.

Well this was clearly a Punisher centric trailer, i was amazed by Jon Bernthal's acting and the script. Bernthal actually gave depth to Frank Castle, he is full of rage, tormented, cold and looks very focused in his mission.

Some people might notice that Bernthal isn't wearing any skull. Yeah, that's right, this is, his Year One story (sort of). Like i have said in other posts he isn't wearing any skulls in his chest. Right now he is Frank Castle, doing is one man army to get rid of the criminals who took away the family from him. At this moment he haven't decide to be the known vigilante called the Punisher.

My guess is that he will be using a skull at the end of season 2. And probably with this design of the latest promo clip.

While i saw this trailer i get the feeling that Frank Castle will be the main "villain" if we can say that. Personally i think Netflix is hiding the main "bad" guy, the Punisher will be the anthagonist of Daredevil, someone who will make him doubt himself about his morals and methods of crime fighting. Maybe we can see more about the main "villain" in the upcoming second part of the trailer that will be released in ten days.

Aside from all the action (which was great) in this trailer here goes some stuff that intrigued me.

Punisher family

 In this picture we can see Frank's daughter ( Lisa?) but i wonder why we can't see the rest of the family. His wife (Maria) and son (Frank Jr.) are missing in this picture. The picture frame cut the rest of the picture but i can see someone holding Frank's hands.

The Carousel

 Don't know if the carousel will have a special meaning but by the look of it, it seems that Frank is waiting for something... Looking at the emptiness until we see him fighting these thugs.

The Grave 

DD S2 Trailer #2

First trailer NY Comic Con
Don't know the meaning of this grave that appeared in two trailers, but i can bet this must be where Frank's family is buried.

Guilty or Innocent?

In the trailer we see Frank in a rooftop putting his crosshairs in the head of this person... It wasn't revealed yet who he is, if he is some sort of criminal or some innocent guy that Frank is mistankenly targeting. Let's hope for the first option. He should be a criminal. 

Glorious quotes from Frank to Daredevil.

"You hit 'em and they get up. I hit 'em and they stand down".

"Because i think you are a half-measure. I think you're a man who can't finish the job. I think that you're a coward." 

"You know you're one bad day away from being me".


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