Saturday, September 3, 2016

PC POST #310: Marvel's Punisher catch up news!

In the past several weeks there have been some news related to the upcoming Punisher series produced by Netflix/Marvel.
For many this isn't exactly "news" but it's a way to catch up with everything.

This screen grab wasn't officially confirmed by Netflix at this moment and despite the initial reports stated that Marvel's Punisher wouldn't come out until 2018.
But the fact is, no matter if this a rumor or even a mistake the fact is Netflix only posts these landing pages when the shows is about year out.

If Netflix is going to follow this pattern we will sure the Marvel's Punisher in 2017.

Current landing page on Netflix app.

Of course there are some aspects that can hold back that certainty. The schedule. 
Next year, we will have Iron Fist and Defenders. If Netflix will continue with the usual half year gap between series will clearly difficult the release the Punisher series unless they cut the episodes of Defenders or speed up the production of Marvel's Punisher.

We should to keep our feet on the ground, the landing page might be a positive sign that we will have the Punisher series sooner than we think.

There has been some news about the casting of "Micro". David Linus "Microchip" Lieberman also known in the Marvel Universe as Micro or Microchip. 
We don't know yet who will be the actor to represent this role. What we know is that the studio who will produce Marvel's Punisher is looking for someone for the role.
Microchip first appeared in the first Punisher ongoing series (1987) and it was created by Mike Baron.

Microchip is the Punisher's personal hacker and creator of gadgets. He also was many times the only link to mankind that Frank ever had. He is a faithful sidekick who suffered similar fate as Frank. His son was killed by criminals while both were working for the Punisher.
He was a very important character for the Punisher for everything i mentioned above and specially has someone who supplied intel for certain missions. He even worked as undercover.

Along the way some writers make him a villain and Frank had to finish him off.

Let's hope this doesn't happen again. 

Ivo Santos | @ivomgs

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