Thursday, November 10, 2016


Twenty-five years has passed since Gerry Conway ( The Punisher co-creator) wrote a Punisher comic (Punisher One-Shot: Bloodlines) and now he is back.. and with a blast!

(W) Gerry Conway / (A) Felix Ruiz / (CoverA) Rahzzaa (C) Lee Loughridge
This story was a delight. Gerry Conway belongs to a very strict group of people that can tells a point of view story about the Punisher with the Punisher as the main character without being overshadowed by secondary characters.

Gerry Conway built a great story that is about the "justice system". 

Mamdouh is a police officer seeking for revenge and he is totally split by using the legal system and what the Punisher does. 
These stories are always good to read when the writer knows the character to his foundations and who's better than Gerry Conway? Maybe two or three writers in the comic book industry.

This was one of my favorite Punisher story of the past years and Conway just answered for my expectations.

The artwork by Felix Ruiz wasn't "eye catchy" and sometimes too "sketchy" at the beginning but during the reading it looked better than the initial pages. On the other side i liked how the action scenes were portrayed thanks to Lee Loughridge for the tone and colors to this annual.
Just another complain is that i didn't like at all how Ruiz make Frank shoot with gun sideways when he deliver the final blow to Nicky.

Conclusion: I really like to see Gerry Conway back in a Punisher book after so many years. I even would like to see him writing a Punisher ongoing after this successful annual.

Looking forward to see Conway back. 


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