Saturday, November 26, 2016

PC POST #331: -REVIEW- A Year of Marvels November Infinite Comic #01

Looks like Infinite Comics are a constant these days, specially featuring the Punisher.
This current year, there was Daredevil /The Punisher: 7th Circle, Doctor Strange / Punisher: Magic Bullets ( still ongoing) and now this short story Year of Marvels November #01.

(W) Todd & Elliot Casey / (A) Paul Davidson / (C) Lee Loughridge
-Might contain spoilers- 

The story begins with the Punisher badly wounded due to a miscalculation of the firepower of the gang he attacked. He passes out and he's found by a family that treats his wounds. Bad luck for them, the gang he attacked found out and tries to put the Punisher and the family down for good. 

The Punisher is weaponless and has to deal with them before they end him.

Never read the work of Todd and Elliot Casey, but they wrote a very simplistic Punisher story. Unfortunately it does not bring nothing new. 
On the other side this was a decent standalone story, it reminded me the good old days when there were simple stories like this in between major arcs.

Todd and Elliot created some connections among the main characters of this story. They even introduce elements that could make Frank relate to them, but i think it didn't work out. 

The action was decent, but sometimes the crooks were too dumb and died in the most ridiculous situations.

The art of Paul Davidson was decent. It helped a lot to give some quality to this story and the colors of Lee Loughridge definitely have to be mentioned specially for the dark panels when Frank is facing those gangsters.

This review was hard to do, i have read at least three times just to see what i was missing. I was expecting a bit more of this story, it's not bad, but somehow i felt that i have read this somewhere.
The other thing was the lack of empathy i i felt with some characters, even considering all circumstances presented in this comic.
It looked like that everything was a bit rushed without time to developed them.

Overall Rate: 5.5 / 10

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