Tuesday, February 20, 2018

PC POST #393: No more Punisher as War Machine in May?

Marvel announced a "fresh start" for their books to begin in May. Some titles will be renumbered and "lose" their legacy numbering.
Marvel is promising new creative teams, new storylines, new beginnings and new directions.

At least this change will bring back the classic characters we care and love.

So what this has to do with Punisher: War Machine? Well in my opinion everything.

As you can see in the poster of this new promotion, the Punisher is on the right side of Spider-Man. 
He's with his regular suit, not War Machine. I'm happy with the "back to basics" but I've enjoyed a lot of this Punisher War Machine run written by Matthew Rosenberg.

Rosenberg said that his run would be a miniseries but I always thought it would be a matter of sale numbers to keep it going for just a while. I was expecting a maxiseries and after this arc when he hunts down Petrov's army he could deal with the likes of Iron Man and Captain Marvel due to their relationship with James Rhodes and seeing the Punisher using the War Machine armor to do his own war.

Again, this doesn't mean they will end this war machine run, my theory is just based on the teaser above when we see the Punisher with his regular gear. But we have to wait for the upcoming Marvel solicitations to May and find out what will happen to the Punisher War Machine.

Article by Ivo Santos


  1. Theres only one downside. Three more months of that war machine miniseries.

  2. This has been for those who are easily amused and it's not shocking to see who that is around here