Friday, February 9, 2018

PC POST #392: [Rumor] Punisher Season 2 new character descriptions and a possible storyline

Earlier today we've been hinted by The Hashtag Show about three character roles for Marvel TV. This is still a rumor, not an official source. But still, they did some logical connections.

Marvel TV is looking to cast two female and one male role. Those characters names are:

Annie Beir - A 16-year-old who is described as “someone who is used to the streets and is both scrappy and aware of her environment.”

Kim Davis -
A mid 30's female regular series therapist.

Melvin Skelling - An honest detective in his early-30's.

The Hashtag Show make the logical connection that Annie Beir might be Viorica from the Slavers arc, one of the darkest stories ever written for the Punisher by Garth Ennis. In this story, Frank saves this young girl (Viorica) whose story helps Frank discover those behind the sex slaves ring. Vera Konstantin and Cristu Bulat.

This is where Kim Davis might enter if she will have the same role as Jen Cooke in that story.
Jen Cooke is a social worker who helped Frank put down the sex slaves ring.

Jen Cooke

The other character breakdown connection was Melvin Skelling being Martin Soap. Martin Soap does have nothing to do with the Slavers arc, but the character made his first debut in "Welcome Back, Frank". He was part of a "damned" police department that no one wanted to belong. The Punisher Task Force. Soap is a good cop but during the Punisher MK run by Ennis, he was one of the unluckiest characters ever in a Punisher comic.

Again, this is just speculation. It's not official. But it would be great to see The Slavers being portrayed in the Punisher season 2. Being this story one of the darkest stories ever written for the Punisher, it would be a good call to see Frank back as the Punisher.

Steve Lightfoot revealed that he would like to see Barracuda and Kathryn O'Brien in the Punisher series. Not to mention Billy Russo as Jigsaw that might appear in season 2. Too many things in hands and very few info.

So far the only official details about the show are that it will be set in New York and they will start shooting this year.

Written by Ivo Santos

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