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PC POST #58: The Incredible Hulk #8 Review "Stay Angry"

By @Neil4LOST

The Incredible Hulk #8 (Stay Angry Part 1)

WRITERS: Jason Aaron
ARTIST: Steve Dillon
COLOR ARTIST: Frank Martin
LETTERS: Chris Eliopulos
COVER: Michael Komarck
EDITOR: Mark Paniccia
PUBLISHER: Dan Buckley

Release Date: May 30th, 2012
Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, INC.

Price – $3.99
(23 Pages, single-issue, color)

INTRODUCTION: (From page 1)

For years, Bruce Banner and the Hulk were linked by rage and anger. But when that link was broken and the Hulk split from Banner, the scientist went insane. Hulk hunted Banner to his secret island retreat where the monster and the man battled it out. In the midst of their fight one of Banner’s gamma bombs detonated. Hulk survived, but Banner…well…

The Hulk hoped to finally find peace, but he should know that things are never that simple. After the explosion, it is now Banner who is in Hulk’s head, and the tables have turned: when the Hulk calms down, he turns back into puny, criminally insane Banner. Now the only option for Hulk to keep control and defeat Banner is to…STAY ANGRY


Jason Aaron continues his run on “The Incredible Hulk” by launching the new story arc titled Stay Angry. It appears that the Stay Angry arc will play out somewhat like a Groundhog’s Day type of story in that Hulk goes through a series of events over and over again attempting to stay transformed into the green monster. Aaron’s writing in this issue feels different than the first seven issues of the series. It feels darker and much more like the guest character of the issue…The Punisher. It is no coincidence that Jason Aaron recently wrapped up with acclaimed work on Punisher MAX, telling a grittier and more violent story about Frank Castle.
Frank’s character seems to step into Hulk’s work very well but he disappears just as quickly and silently as he entered it, with very little explanation as to why Punisher was in the story in the first place. I am assuming that this will happen in a similar fashion over the course of the Stay Angry arc.

I personally like this type of story from Aaron. As a monthly reader to his Hulk series, I have felt that it lacked Aaron’s style. This issue definitely brings his style back.

Rating – “B+”


Steve Dillon re-teams with Jason Aaron once again to work on this cross-over issue with Punisher. Dillon worked with Aaron on the Punisher Max series and the two collaborated together very well.

Unfortunately for this issue, Dillon’s work doesn’t work out very well. Dillon does a very good job with Punisher and some of the small tertiary characters but he does a horrendous job at drawing super-heroes. It saddens me to think that the first time since of the end of Punisher MAX that Dillon and Aaron have worked together didn’t work out very well. Aaron delivers but Dillon doesn’t.

Rating – “C-“


This issue launches a new arc where Hulk wakes up in the middle of Mexico and he has no idea where he is and how he got there. He begins to realize that the only way that he can stop himself from transforming back into Banner is to smash anything he can get his hands on to.

Hulk randomly comes across Frank Castle, who is in Mexico hunting down a gang of men who look like wild dogs. Hulk tells Frank that he wants to come with him on Frank’s mission to be an agent of destruction.

It works out pretty well as the rest of the issue is Frank and Hulk taking out everything in their path until the two of our protagonists meets the leader of the gang. Hulk battles it out with the leader to uncover a puzzling twist about what Banner may be up to. Hulk begins to realize that the Banner inside of him may have more control then he originally thought.

Rating – “A-“


The issue is highly entertaining. It is intriguing the way that Aaron is setting up the Stay Angry series as to just what the readers may discover with Hulk throughout the Arc. There are pieces of the issue that lack believability but it is fun and it has the Punisher! We get a few great moments of dialogue between the two of them and an interrogation scene where Punisher tortures a Hispanic man J

Rating – “A”


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