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PC POST #137: Iron Man: Rise of Technovore (Review)

posted by @Ivo

Hello everyone, i will divide this review in two parts. I will begin to review the movie itself on the first part and second i will talk about Frank's appearence.


Iron Man: Rise of Technovore review

First of all by the trailers i've seen, i really got thrilled by the coming of this animation but it was kind of a let down and i will explain why.

Tony Stark is launching a new satellite named Howard. The objective of this satellite is to watch the entire planet and look for suspected criminal behavior for the appropriate can prevent crimes. But this launch is interrupted by a super villain and like Tony this guy got a suit too, his suit is made of some sort of biomechanical in nature. This biomechanical suit (named Technovore) bests Iron Man and War Machine in battle and all the fuss this battle created caughts the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D.
S.H.I.E.L.D want to know more about this Technovore guy and detain  Tony because is kind of obssessed with him and want to revenge is friend War Machine ( When they fought Technovore, Tony thought that War Machine were dead). They couldn't handle with Iron Man and they sent his best agents to handle him Hawkeye and Black Widow.

This guy Ezekiel Stane the "owner" of this Technovore suit is a superior kid with some bad philosophical nonsense which he talks about most of his screen time. He is son of a former villain of Iron Man, Obadiah Stane he is dead right know and when we take these conclusions at first we thought that Ezekiel may want to take revenge but no, he hated his father.

This movie itself was below average, bad dialogue and too much brightness. They could use a bit more of some capabilities of the Howard satellite but they didn't matter to use it.

The best part for me were the Punisher appearence it was the best eleven minutes of this animation. Frank helps Iron Man to get rid of Hawkeye and Black Widow the action weren't mind blowing but it was cool.
The voice acting of Frank ( Norman Reedus) was good and the character itself was well represented in this animation.

The Punisher and Iron Man encountered together because they were after some weapons dealers in the middle eastern and Iron Man was looking for some clues about Technovore. The Punisher helped Tony with some hints about Ezekiel.

Meanwhile the S.H.I.E.L.D. trace them and sent Hawkeye and Black Widow to capture them. Iron Man got hit by some arrows of Hawkeye's and get his suit jammed.While submitted by BW and Hawkeye, the Punisher helped him with a grenade and Iron Man fall in the roof of his car and they flee.

BW and H. chase them and make the Punisher's car foil. The Punisher tries to gain some time and throw them a flash grenade and try to submit them. (while Iron Man fully recharges his batteries because of the damage of the arrows of Hawkeye). He couldn't stand too much against them but it was enough for Iron Man recharged and flew away. In the next panel we see Frank in a motorcycle (the one that was used by BW and H. to pursue him) and getting away. ( don't understand why they let him go).

 Movie Avaliation: 2.5 out of 5



  1. It’s sad that people criticized Thomas Jane and the 2004 film like hell, and still to this day, for him not looking like the character and the film for not being 110% accurate to every little detail… but shitty anime film like this get a free pass (somewhat) because of it’s animation and idiotic action. Although, no one has said a thing about the crappy Punisher fan film with the bald Vin Diesel look-alike coming… so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    This Punisher fights like a character from the Matrix (shooting behind you while he’s driving… what happen to his military training????), looking like some Mexican version of Peter Parker/Nate Gray with brown hair and a hairstyle that I’ve never seen him wear. When did the Punisher and Iron Man become buddies??? And he gets his ass handed to him by Black Widow and Hawkeye… “sigh”… once again… he’s shown to be a nut case with guns who can’t take on anyone from Marvel. The voice actor for Frank was only brought in so that Marvel could make money off his zombie fame.

    “they were after some weapons dealers in the middle eastern”

    Of course… the Middle East… sad

    1. Don't know who criticizes the Punisher 2004 but it wasn't so bad. There isn't any perfect Punisher movie yet.

      It's not the first time you criticized the crew from Punisher: No Mercy,this is a fan movie they do what they want and we will be here to promote them, like i will do with anything Punisher related this character needs these kind of stuff to be in the spotlight again. I don't care if he is bald if he can give a great entertainment. You give too much importance of how he looks... Give a chance to them you haven't seen the movie yet.

      About this animation, the best part of it is the Punisher appearence make no mistake. Do you have been in the military? Well in the situation he were in ( inside the car) what kind of training he could use to take out Hawkeye and Black Widow? While driving?

      Why a man obsessed with vengeance and take out criminals has to have a clean hair cut? Why he cares about his looks? To me it made perfect sense his hairstyle.

      He didn't became buddie with Iron Man. They join forces for a common goal, take out Ezekiel. Frank were after him for months with no success and while search for him in the computer they got busted by Hawkeye and Black Widow.

      Frank handled Black Widow and Hawkeye, but Black Widow used some kind of sleeve cord to surprise Frank.

      The only complain about this is "Why they let Frank go?" And why only 11 minutes? He could add some good stuff through the animation.

    2. Well said, Ivo. As a Punisher fan, I will watch movies and read comics that feature Frank Castle. Some of them might not be exemplary, but I am just happy that he is still a viable character.

      I could give a toss about his hairstyle. And in many Punisher comics he does things that are pretty incredible, like holding a cannon as a weapon, fighting a giant robot, battling a whale while in a rowboat, and fighting The Hulk with a bow and arrow.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but one must wonder why someone would go to a website created by and for Punisher fans to bash The Punisher. Just sayin.