Sunday, August 24, 2014

PC POST #221: New Punisher forum!

posted by Ivo Santos (Facebook/Twitter)


Some of you already know that i have a facebook page named Punisher HQ , when i post news, artwork, fan stuff and everything that is Punisher related.

But i wanted to do something more... I wanted a place where the Punisher fans can interact with each other, creating posts and discuss a lot about the character, Punisher HQ on facebook wasn't the best place for it and i created Punisher HQ Forum! There is a good forum that was alive and kicking for years named GPA ( Global Punisher Army), but unfortunately it is going to close and this gave me a huge boost to start creating a small community.
I know that social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc, are the easiest way to get content and you can do everything that you do in a forum without using any effort, but even with these odds i'm doing it either way. I'm a bit old school and i still believe in forums as the best place to discuss. The interface on smartphone it's really intuitive and it's not like seeing a normal web page that you have to do "zoom in" to look better.
I have one year to test if this really works, so if you want a specific place to talk with Punisher fans you might want to try this out.

See you there!

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