Wednesday, August 6, 2014

PC POST #217: -REVIEW- Black Widow #9

posted by Ivo Santos (twitter/facebook)

I haven't been following this book but since the Punisher is in it i will do a short review...

It was a pleaseant issue well written by Edmondson, it was very interesting to see Punisher and Black Widow they were never partners in this uncommon encounter, each one of them got his own mission. Widow wanted intel on Chaos and Punisher escaped from the plane and wanted to kill every goon that belonged to Crossbones and get back to L.A.
There is a great fighting scene with Black Widow and Crossbones, very well written and Phil Noto did a pretty good job on the details of her movements and fluidity in combat.

I like Phil Noto's artwork and i've seen it in Thunderbolts, but i think it lacks a bit of vivid colors, in my opinion.

In this issue ( i don't know what happened in past issues...) but Widow seemed a bit edgy while interrogating a chinese mechanic of the ship, and guess what Frank stopped her for almost kill this man. At this point she was more punisher than Punisher. But it was good seeing Frank with a good word of advice to her.


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