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Review by: Neil Byce, aka @Neil4LOST

*WARNING* This review may contain spoilers for this specific issue.

I will just come right out of the gate and say it...Punisher #9 was a big disappointment for me.

I have been patiently waiting for this series to take off and I had pretty high hopes with the first few issues but over the course of the past few issues I have found it more and more difficult to enjoy this series and to understand the direction/approach that Edmondson and Marvel are taking the character in..

Edmondson writes Frank Castle in this issue as more of a self-doubting character than ever before and he uncharacteristically talks Black Widow out of shooting a guy for information. When I saw this happen the first thing I thought was...this isn't the Punisher I know! My anticipation of a showdown with Crossbones went unsatisfied and ultimately Frank ends up in a prison for no apparent reason...really that is a summary of this issue.

Gerads art continues to be solid and is something that I enjoy in the book but the writing style and the decisions of how to deliver the story puzzle me. Two issues ago I felt that Edmondson was building a long-term or slow-burn story here that would pay off really well but as of this point I just don't see it happening. There is a large amount of random devices being thrown together as well as coincidence and I can only suspend my disbelief for so long.

In conclusion, I typically like crossover events and think that they add substance to stories like the Punisher but this one left me scratching my head. Unless I am missing something big here...which I very well could be, I am going to go ahead and say that I think that this issue was the weakest so far in the series.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave your comments in the thread below!

OVERALL SCORE 5.5 out of 10

Next issue will be again reviewed by Ivo.


  1. Hey partner! I disagree with you. First things, first. This isn't the same Frank Castle as you used to know, even Rucka's wasn't the same as Remender, Fraction and Ennis.

    The Punisher was rebooted and he is more "friendly" and more "social" he continues to do his work as the Punisher but his psych has changed. You may like it or not.

    I agree with you that it was strange to see Frank giving "good" advices and stop Black Widow for killing the other guy she was torturing, but Frank believed he was innocent so he stopped her there is nothing "odd" in this since the Punisher only punishes the wicked.

    The Punisher wasn't imprisioned for nothing... He is a wanted man and Black Widow is an Avenger and a SHIELD agent, he was pretty naive to trust her and didn't had any backup plan in case she tried to apprehend him. He should have leave her alone in the boat. THAT was the only down in this issue for me.

  2. I would agree that it is silly that Frank has been one step behind unless he is planning it that way. My only qualm would be that some of Frank's family survived which was hinted at by the Defense Secretary in the beginning. Unless they are talking about a distant relative. Great artwork though.
    I didn't expect Crossbones or Electro to get their asses kicked by Frank although would have been nice.
    I understand all of Marvel is getting a re-boot without X-men so hope this series makes beyond issue #12 since Thunderbolts ends at issue #32. Also, no Punisher Platoon series by Ennis so maybe that was shelved as well.
    Keep buying this great book! Thanks.

  3. Dont listen to this review he just wants the same old frank with the same old stories and cant appreciate a new fresh take on the character buy the en issue for yourself its worth the read

  4. I completely agree with you Neil.

    Because of this issue, I've officially dropped this fucking run.

  5. Well Jesse I wish I could change your mind although that is a strong opinion. I haven't liked the character reboot from 2012 since it took to issue 13 of 16 to see Frank talk or do anything but that is what is there for the Punisher Character in the modern day. Like I said before, I am invested in the book so will keep going wherever it may lead. Thanks.

  6. Some of us saw this from the beginning... the Punisher is just one of many characters that have been completely toned down to suit this sorry generation of pussies. Even the base is not what it use to be to thanks to shitty writing of Remender, Fraction, Rucka and now Edmondson... nobody has come up with a good reason (story-wise) whatsoever as to why Frank is acting this way... not one...

  7. 1290ad come to boards and talk with true fans, we might want to discuss your POV