Monday, April 10, 2017

PC POST #344: -REVIEW- THE PUNISHER #10 (2016)

Punisher #10 finally arrived and it doesn't disappoint me as a long time Punisher fan.

After the last issue (#09), with only one page of Frank Castle, we finally got what we deserved. A strong presence of the main character in his own comic.
Becky Cloonan presented us some sort of compressed issue with a top notch action with Frank Castle attacking Condor's. 

We final learned the ultimate plans of Condor's but we got a twist near the end that will be questionable why Olaf took "that" action so late.
Becky Cloonan and Matt Horak gave us one great issue, good action, writing and great artwork.
The action was good like the old school Punisher issues when he storms a place killing everyone on sight.
Cloonan's is building a strong female characters like Ortiz and the lady of Condor's that got herself a face burn on issue #8.

The carnage and violence were good, the combo between the axe and the bear trap was great. Seeing the Punisher with these weapons attacking the Condor's compound would need a seriously creative imagination and this creative team just deliver it. There are some over-the-top action panels but the Punisher is like that.

Matt Horak did an amazing job on this issue. Specially when his art was pushed to the limit during the splash scenes. 
Horak's art is improving in every issue and in the close up panels when we see the details of the characters are really amazing.

I've been a fan of Guru-eFx for since his coloring work in Thunderbolts. Today he kept doing what i've been writing for years about him. He really add even more quality to Horak's art and gave life to splash scenes and make even more entertaining the comic book. 

The Good:

-Compressed storytelling;
-Artwork and coloring;
-The soldier lady from Condor's.

Not so Good:

-Face is still breating.

OVERALL RATE : 8.5 / 10

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