Wednesday, April 12, 2017

PC POST #346: -REVIEW- Deadpool vs The Punisher #01 (2017)

Here it is the one of the most awaited miniseries of the year... Deadpool vs Punisher #01 is out and it was amazing!

Cover art by Declan Shalvey
and Jordie Bellaire
Deadpool vs Punisher #01 started really well, great introduction to all the characters and this is the perfect example of a well structured plot. It's not fancy and it's nothing "new", but sometimes it's the simple things that work so well.

Fred Van Lente choose well in giving us the points of view from both characters, we know their objectives and motivations from this very first issue. 

The plot is very simple: Frank wants to put down the Bank because he is linked to the criminal world and Deadpool wants protect him because to him the Bank was good to him all his life.

Van Lente and Perez did make me confused in a good way. The Bank "seems" to be a good man to his face expressions and due to the fact of being a family man. In the other way Frank's mission seems more than enough to put this criminal businessperson down.

The art of Pere Pérez is so good. The characters are so well drawn, the action panels are great, explosions, bullets and blood... Everything you need with two of the most deadly characters in the Marvel Universe.

The expressions of the characters are very accurate, specially with the Punisher. He barely changes his expression giving us the feeling of a cold killer.

The art of Pérez was helped by the colorist Ruth Redmond who set the perfect tone for this first issue.

The cover was nicely done by the most talented cover artist i've seen in the past year... Declan Shalvey with Jordie Bellaire, two names well known in the Punisher current ongoing.

Marvel is betting a lot in this miniseries and the quality is well seen when we read it and watch the artwork.

The Good:

-Great plot;
-The POV of both characters;

-Highly entertaining issue!

Not so Good:

Overal Rate: 9 / 10

posted by Ivo Santos ( @ivomgs)

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