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PC POST #348: -REVIEW- THE PUNISHER #11 (2016)

(W) Becky Cloonan / (A) Matt Horak
(C) Frank Martin / (Cover) Declan Shalvey
& Jordie Bellaire
The Punisher #11 is out and it was a blast! Clearly the best issue of the current run!

I can't describe how much fun i had reading this comic book, the storytelling and artwork were in perfect harmony.
Punisher #11 is like 80's movie in terms of action with minimal dialogue and straight up to business, this issue marked a fighting for survival with a cornered and wounded "animal" (Frank Castle) outgunned and outnumbered.

Becky Cloonan did a great work in the passed few issues, in former issues there was some dull moments and sometimes it gave me the feeling that i was lost in terms of storyline. 

But clearly she did set up the story very well and at this point and the results are seen in this issue. The final objectives of Condor are clear, agent Ortiz seems to find the right path and Frank has to close this chapter, that eventually it will be concluded next issue.

Matt Horak and Frank Martin did one hell of a job (again) on this issue. Matt because of his amazing splash pages and scenes during the fight scenes that last for at least 15 pages. Great hand to hand fighting with Frank using all the elements around him to take out dozens of Condor mercs.
Frank Martin set up a dark tone and amazing colors to this issue, once again he let Horak's artwork be even more amazing.

Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire are the perfect team for the covers of this run. Great creative team and how they set up this cover with a perfect aligned sharks formed the eyes and nose and the rocks bellow the ocean formed the teeth of the skull.
The bodies below the ocean and the boat described perfectly what was this story.

The Good:

-Great action;
-Good artwork;
-Compressed storytelling;
-Great cover.

Not so Good:


Overall Rate: 9 / 10

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