Wednesday, May 10, 2017


(W) Fred VanLente / (A) George Pérez /
(C) Redmond/ (Cover) Shalvey & Bellaire
After a wonderful first issue this miniseries keeps up a good pace but this time with a little bit of plot development instead of action packed. Van Lente is doing a perfect job portraying both characters. I think the fans of both characters should be happy with this great service.

VanLente built a great chemistry between both characters when we see the usual comedian side of Deadpool and the seriousness of the Punisher. So far, it's working.

We can find some cameos of Marvel characters and we see how Bank got the hands on everybody pockets.

Last issue was top notch action packed adventure with some head to head fight between Deadpool and the Punisher. In this second issue, the action slows down a bit and we will see some detective skills of the Punisher, when he investigates the "tragic deaths" of Bank's family. The Punisher clearly is taking advantage of Deadpool's being a naive
We got some awesome sword fighting between Deadpool and the Don of the Dead.

This comic book is called Deadpool vs Punisher, but in this issue they did not fight against each other but for what i have seen it so far and how it ended we will have another clash between Deadpool and Punisher soon enough.

The artwork of George Pérez is great and i was highly surprised by the details of how gory he can be. Great detail when Deadpool sliced the intestines and head of his enemies during the sword fight with Don. Another positive detail is the great coloring by Redmond that turned this artwork really "smooth" and pleasant read/watch. 

The Good:

-Great pace and interesting plot;
-Awesome portrayal of the protagonists;

-Great artwork of George Pérez and Redmond.

Not so Good:

-Deadpool and Punisher didn't fight in this issue.

Overall Rate: 8 / 10

By Ivo Santos ( @ivomgs )

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