Thursday, May 18, 2017


Deadpool and Punisher are still looking for Mariana and Hudson to get the backup of the account numbers of the major crime syndicates... But the Bank hired a new player to recover the backup account numbers... the Taskmaster!

Fred Van Lente /Pérez/ Redmond
Cover art by Declan Shalvey and
Jordie Bellaire
I couldn't be more excited about this miniseries, Fred Van Lente and Pere Pérez are making one of the best team up books with the Punisher i've read in awhile.

It's a delight to read a comic book that respects the main characters and Van Lente does it. This third issue reveals the main aspects of personality from Deadpool and Punisher. Any new fan with zero knowledge about these characters would understand perfectly their beliefs and motivations.
I couldn't be more excited to see Taskmaster in this miniseries, specially because the Punisher never met him before and i hope to see these two fighting.

We can expect an action pack story from the beginning till the end with a little bit of a twist by Taskmaster. It was amazing that Taskmaster didn't care about Deadpool, because he knows him, but how interest he showed regarding the Punisher, in one page he describes the Punisher fighting skills while he sent all his mercs against him. Really cool stuff!

The art of Pere Peréz is great. The action scenes are superb and the characters are very well drawn. It's far from being a bored artwork in fact it's a very dynamic artwork. The coloring of Ruth Redmond is as precious as the art of Perez, she gives life and realism to the artwork of Perez and i really loved how she set the perfect tone for this miniseries.

The Good:
Great storytelling;
Amazing artwork;
High level of entertainment.

Not so good:

This should be called Deadpool / The Punisher ( Team up) instead of Deadpool vs Punisher.

Overall rate: 9 /10

Review by Ivo Santos (@ivomgs)

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