Wednesday, May 24, 2017

PC POST #353: Goran Parlov talks about The Punisher "Platoon" miniseries and more!

For those who missed this interview by Les Commis Des Comics, Goran Parlov talked a bit about the upcoming Punisher miniseries "The Platoon", Barracuda and the many styles of Frank Castle he worked on these years. 

Goran Parlov started to explain why this project took three years to be finished. 

"I had this opportunity to work with Mark Millar and we created Starlight and i just politely asked if i could have time for myself to do my own creator project..." He continued. "The Platoon was postponed, and i took my time to write Starlight and i returned to do the Platoon."

The interviewer asked if the Platoon is the Punisher's origin story, Goran replied:

"Yes, you will see Frank Castle as innocent guy who never killed anybody before, just a guy who arrived in Vietnam... okay, he's never been innocent but you know, we will see the youngest Frank Castle ever."

Goran was asked about the creation of Barracuda, what did he add to the character or it was Ennis script.
" I add the visuals, but i remember the first episodes, i didn't know he will become an important character so, i didn't pay so much attention to Barracuda. As matter of fact when i see the first panels of Barracuda, i'm not happy with it, he wasn't characterized well enough... it's my frustration. Later i realized it could be a very funny character and very important.character at least for me... "

Goran continued... "A few episodes later, he became what i really wanted him to be, his face and his exaggerated figure.

Goran talked about his favorite fight in Punisher MAX, the final battle of Punisher vs Barracuda..

"...They kept mutilating each other and at some point i really didn't know how human body looks like without all those parts... The nose, the ears, the eyes, the fingers, the arms, the legs, the axe in the chest.. and you know... what's left of the human body?" 

He continued "...Barracuda is all about exaggeration... We exaggerated as much as possible and in the end Frank put 30 bullets from an AK... and i hope he's dead."

Goran was asked about his favorite Punisher style, Punisher MAX, Punisher vs Marvel Universe or the Platoon version.

"The Punisher MAX version. I feel connected with that kind of character. Although the Punisher vs Marvel Universe was completely another universe that doesn't have anything to do with the MAX character, so i wanted to destinguish the two Punishers and that was the reason... I thought the ponytail was a cool thing to add, even because i hoped that later i could remove the ponytail and make him look like the Conan. At the end of the book he looks very much like the Conan the Barbarian."

At the end of the interview he talks again about the Platoon...

"I'm really proud of the Platoon. I can't wait to see it published and i hope you enjoy it."

Editor's note: Personally i can't wait to see you and Ennis together in this miniseries, it's been too long and you should work more together! 

Posted by Ivo Santos (@ivomgs)

Check out the full interview here!


  1. "okay, he's never been innocent but you know, we will see the youngest Frank Castle ever."

    I hope he means a Frank who has never killed before because we saw him as a kid in the one-shot special The Tyger. I remember Ennis saying that it would take place during the Tet Offensive, I hope that's still the case.

    "The Punisher MAX version. I feel connected with that kind of character."

    Before Gregg Hurwitz and Tom Piccirilli ruined that version.

    "I thought the ponytail was a cool thing to add"

    Even though it made no sense... style over substance, just going for someone looks cool only himself.

    1. About the "innocent". We all know the strong urge to do justice with his own hands. The Tyger is a clear example of that.

      The ponytail of "that" version of the Punisher was a cool add, just like the beard would be cool to a character that only cares for killing cannibal heroes and villains.

  2. This was a really great contest and hopefully I can attend the next one. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself..