Saturday, July 22, 2017

PC POST #364: SDCC17: Description of the Punisher footage & More of the Punisher cameo in Defenders!

As I said in the latest post, I predicted that we could get more news about the Punisher series and his cameo in the Defenders show... and guess what, I was right.

During the SDCC in panel H, before the Defenders news, it was time to show a bit more of the Punisher series. And for the luckiest ones they saw a few bits of what will be Marvel's the Punisher!
Unfortunately, i don't have the footage of what was seen in the SDCC, but I got a very detailed description by Silas Lesnick from

The clip begins with an emotional, dreamlike sequence without any dialogue.Frank Castle is sitting with his daughter, playing guitar. Then he’s alone, still playing guitar and the scene cuts back and forth between to time periods as Castle struggles with the loss of his family.

Cut to a title on the screen that reads “Rural Alabama”.

Frank is driving a truck with a photo of his family on the dashboard. He’s following two motorcycles driven by men that appear to be part of a gang called “Dogs of Hell”. There’s a quick car chase, but Castle makes short work of both bikers. He shoots them with a shotgun from his moving vehicle and then backs over their bodies just to be sure.

Cut to Juarez, Mexico. There’s some kind of party happening with a central figure who we follow with crosshairs to an upstairs bedroom.He’s with two women but still in Frank’s crosshairs. There’s a great bit where we hear the gun blast and a full second later the guy’s head explodes.

The shot pulls back to reveal that Frank is a mile away in El Paso, Texas, on the border with a long range sniper rifle.

Cut to JFK Airport in New York. A grey suited businessman enters a bathroom stall. He’s talking on the phone. “I’m the last one?” he says. “Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll be there soon.” But not if Castle has anything to say about it. He enters the bathroom and comes right into the guy’s stall, closing the door behind him.

Frank winds up strangling the guy on the stall as two other guys enter the bathroom and laugh at the weird noises coming from the stall. “Get a room, you guys!” they shout.

Let's wait for Netflix to release the Punisher trailer or this footage to the public.

If you think the news end here, relax it doesn't.

Deadline wrote that the episode of the Defenders started with a fight scene when we see Iron Fist and Jessica Jones trying to save an injured Punisher from the Hand. This short clip started before the opening credits of the first episode of the Defenders, that was exclusively premiered yesterday during the SDCC.

Now more than ever, I really want to check out the Marvel's Defenders and see not only about the main characters but how it will be the Punisher cameo.

Until then I will wait for the Netflix to release the Punisher trailer in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. I hate to tell you this ivo but I read somewhere that tease was confirmed to tease his show not an appearance in the defenders but ya never know I guess

    1. It was confirmed that he's been in Defenders.

    2. be sure to tell jeph loeb that

    3. Well it's not because of that article that i will believe in what they say. They will not spoil it either way.
      What makes me think twice was an interview of Jon Bernthal's to EW.