Wednesday, July 26, 2017

PC POST #365: [Spoilers SE#7] Why the Punisher joined HYDRA explained with SCANS.

[This article contains spoilers for Secret Empire #7]

This was the question many Punisher fans did when they saw the Punisher saying "Hail Hydra" for the first time.
Today that question was answered in the most "dumbest" way possible.

When Black Widow was ready to assassinate Steve Rogers, the Punisher intercepted her and both started fighting each other. For those who are going to read it's a great set of panels with both characters changing fists, kicks among other things. Great action.

Here comes the trouble, I don't believe for a moment that the Punisher would want his family back and see him in what he's become. And I wouldn't believe that after the Cube setting things up, Frank Castle would settle down, put the skull in the closet and living happily with his family for the rest of their lives.


I would've preferred on seeing Frank brainwashed (again!), or this being an impostor, then seeing such bad writing. 

The Punisher wouldn't have joined HYDRA and betray what he represents to all crime, especially this super powered criminal organization.

Even if it was asked by Steve Rogers.

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  1. Marvel simply doesn't give a rat's ass about continuity, they haven't for at least a decade or more, they have become such a far leftwing liberal trash company, that just about everything they publish becomes unreadable. A character's established history, personality and attitude no longer matters, it's all just a fan friction to the hacks they keep hiring. Until there's a reboot, the Punisher will have to live with this very, very dumb event, I can only hope that the main Punisher title ignores this, there is simply no good way out of this anymore.

    The people who are buying into this crap are, as always, those who are not fans or are just barely familiar with him and are using whatever excuse they can think of. One person said, "Didn't he once kill someone for jaywalking?"... yeah, but he was brainwashed you moron and you know it! And like I said, being called or made into a Nazi is the norm these days.

    This has become THY WORST Punisher story EVER... so well done Nick Spencer, people like Christopher Golden (Angle Punisher), Rick Remender (Franken-Castle) and Mike Baron (black Punisher) no longer has to live with being the worst things to ever happen to the Punisher...