Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PC POST #367: -REVIEW- Deadpool vs The Punisher #05

 Another great miniseries comes to an end... And this one was the most well written, entertained, well drawn and action packed story I've read in the past years.
Sadly this only last 5 issues, Fred Van Lente did the "Ultimate" Punisher / Deadpool crossover you will ever get.

After the events of the last issue, we finally get an amazing fight between the Punisher and Deadpool, teased for most of this run, we finally get our prize in this last issue. Fred Van Lente respected both characters and give us a real treat for both fans of the Punisher and Deadpool.
Fantastic scenes that looked like that came out from a John Woo film or maybe... better than that.
Deadpool continues to be a jokester and always taunting the Punisher.

Van Lente built a great synergy between Deadpool and Punisher. They aren't friends and barely allies, but due to his writing, he makes them work together despite their differences.
The characters motivations are different and it will lead to a fight an expectable fight between them, Frank wants to cut the financial support of these major terrorist organizations and Deadpool wants to save his little friend Hudson, the kid who knows the codes to put down these organizations.
This story doesn't have a happy ending. But that doesn't mean it isn't a GOOD ending. And it was a good ending.

The art of Pere Perez and the coloring of Redmond make the visuals of this comic book astonishing. Very well drawn with amazing colors.
Pere Perez is the guy behind the fighting scenes that were the best thing I've seen lately in a comic book. Great motion and believable moves for each character skills.
Part of the success of this comic book goes to Pere Perez and Redmond. Both did such a great work in the visuals of this comic that I can't imagine this comic without them.

After so many years with fans demanding a fight between both characters, we finally had it. An excellent writer who respectfully wrote the best portrayal of both characters in a comic book.

Overal rate: 9 / 10

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Monday, July 31, 2017


Becky Cloonan decided to tell us another "one-shot" format story without any link to the previous issues and it worked pretty well once again.
It's been awhile since we had these kinds of stories, but for the Punisher compressed stories with 1 or 2 issues it would work like a charm instead of big arcs.

The premise of this story was good. A huge blackout creates the perfect opportunity for predators to prey on the weak and this is pretty much what is all about. We will see the Punisher dealing with many situations on the streets due to this blackout.

Like the last issue, this new format of storytelling is based on the old standalone stories of the classic Punisher runs that started with Mike Baron as the writer. So every new reader, old or new fans can start to pick up these books without knowing what happened in the previous issues.

Cloonan tells us a compressed story with simple elements but with good action. It's great to see Frank solving "street level" problems without any fancy stuff that normally appears in the current Marvel Universe. This remembered me a lot of some Punisher MAX one-shots that were released years ago.

Cloonan took Frank Castle to a new level in terms of "accessories". Not only he puts down bad guys with his usual guns but he kills them with everything he gets. Being swords or electrifying cables. This is what I call diversity!

Cloonan shows that the Punisher continues to be merciless with cold kills but on the other side more "hero". The events of this story make him save as many people as he could without any sort of premeditation of taking down someone specifically. Only with a handgun and everything he could take on the way to put down criminals.  

Matt Horak presented us with a good artwork and he played very well with it. With all the "blackout" panels Matt Horak gave an extra darkness to the Punisher and the action scenes are really well made.
This issue was mostly "black" but it gives some edge to Horak focus his art on the details that matter the most, the characters and the actions.

As I said in the previous reviews, this formula works! Short stories, one or two issues, solving "street level" problems as if a MAX story would work but only with one issue. It's been good these past two issues and I want to see more! Sadly this run will end in three issues.

Overall Rate: 8.0 / 10 

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

PC POST #365: [Spoilers SE#7] Why the Punisher joined HYDRA explained with SCANS.

[This article contains spoilers for Secret Empire #7]

This was the question many Punisher fans did when they saw the Punisher saying "Hail Hydra" for the first time.
Today that question was answered in the most "dumbest" way possible.

When Black Widow was ready to assassinate Steve Rogers, the Punisher intercepted her and both started fighting each other. For those who are going to read it's a great set of panels with both characters changing fists, kicks among other things. Great action.

Here comes the trouble, I don't believe for a moment that the Punisher would want his family back and see him in what he's become. And I wouldn't believe that after the Cube setting things up, Frank Castle would settle down, put the skull in the closet and living happily with his family for the rest of their lives.


I would've preferred on seeing Frank brainwashed (again!), or this being an impostor, then seeing such bad writing. 

The Punisher wouldn't have joined HYDRA and betray what he represents to all crime, especially this super powered criminal organization.

Even if it was asked by Steve Rogers.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

PC POST #364: SDCC17: Description of the Punisher footage & More of the Punisher cameo in Defenders!

As I said in the latest post, I predicted that we could get more news about the Punisher series and his cameo in the Defenders show... and guess what, I was right.

During the SDCC in panel H, before the Defenders news, it was time to show a bit more of the Punisher series. And for the luckiest ones they saw a few bits of what will be Marvel's the Punisher!
Unfortunately, i don't have the footage of what was seen in the SDCC, but I got a very detailed description by Silas Lesnick from ComingSoon.net.

The clip begins with an emotional, dreamlike sequence without any dialogue.Frank Castle is sitting with his daughter, playing guitar. Then he’s alone, still playing guitar and the scene cuts back and forth between to time periods as Castle struggles with the loss of his family.

Cut to a title on the screen that reads “Rural Alabama”.

Frank is driving a truck with a photo of his family on the dashboard. He’s following two motorcycles driven by men that appear to be part of a gang called “Dogs of Hell”. There’s a quick car chase, but Castle makes short work of both bikers. He shoots them with a shotgun from his moving vehicle and then backs over their bodies just to be sure.

Cut to Juarez, Mexico. There’s some kind of party happening with a central figure who we follow with crosshairs to an upstairs bedroom.He’s with two women but still in Frank’s crosshairs. There’s a great bit where we hear the gun blast and a full second later the guy’s head explodes.

The shot pulls back to reveal that Frank is a mile away in El Paso, Texas, on the border with a long range sniper rifle.

Cut to JFK Airport in New York. A grey suited businessman enters a bathroom stall. He’s talking on the phone. “I’m the last one?” he says. “Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll be there soon.” But not if Castle has anything to say about it. He enters the bathroom and comes right into the guy’s stall, closing the door behind him.

Frank winds up strangling the guy on the stall as two other guys enter the bathroom and laugh at the weird noises coming from the stall. “Get a room, you guys!” they shout.

Let's wait for Netflix to release the Punisher trailer or this footage to the public.

If you think the news end here, relax it doesn't.

Deadline wrote that the episode of the Defenders started with a fight scene when we see Iron Fist and Jessica Jones trying to save an injured Punisher from the Hand. This short clip started before the opening credits of the first episode of the Defenders, that was exclusively premiered yesterday during the SDCC.

Now more than ever, I really want to check out the Marvel's Defenders and see not only about the main characters but how it will be the Punisher cameo.

Until then I will wait for the Netflix to release the Punisher trailer in the upcoming weeks.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

PC POST #363: It's confirmed! The PUNISHER makes his appearance in the Marvel's the DEFENDERS!

The most epic moment happened today when Netflix Korea posted a promo for Marvel's the Defenders we hear Stan Lee narrating with cool lines and at the end of the promo, we see Jon Bernthal's as the Punisher!

I believe the Punisher will make a small cameo in the series, much like what happened in Shadowland comic book, when he appears and rescues the street level heroes.

And this promo says it all when we hear the Punisher saying... 

"Looks like I got here just in time..."

I like to think that he will be "in time" to save the Defenders from some trouble.

Marvel's Defenders will hit Netflix on August 18, 2017. More news might leak during SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) this weekend. 

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