Thursday, May 18, 2017


Deadpool and Punisher are still looking for Mariana and Hudson to get the backup of the account numbers of the major crime syndicates... But the Bank hired a new player to recover the backup account numbers... the Taskmaster!

Fred Van Lente /Pérez/ Redmond
Cover art by Declan Shalvey and
Jordie Bellaire
I couldn't be more excited about this miniseries, Fred Van Lente and Pere Pérez are making one of the best team up books with the Punisher i've read in awhile.

It's a delight to read a comic book that respects the main characters and Van Lente does it. This third issue reveals the main aspects of personality from Deadpool and Punisher. Any new fan with zero knowledge about these characters would understand perfectly their beliefs and motivations.
I couldn't be more excited to see Taskmaster in this miniseries, specially because the Punisher never met him before and i hope to see these two fighting.

We can expect an action pack story from the beginning till the end with a little bit of a twist by Taskmaster. It was amazing that Taskmaster didn't care about Deadpool, because he knows him, but how interest he showed regarding the Punisher, in one page he describes the Punisher fighting skills while he sent all his mercs against him. Really cool stuff!

The art of Pere Peréz is great. The action scenes are superb and the characters are very well drawn. It's far from being a bored artwork in fact it's a very dynamic artwork. The coloring of Ruth Redmond is as precious as the art of Perez, she gives life and realism to the artwork of Perez and i really loved how she set the perfect tone for this miniseries.

The Good:
Great storytelling;
Amazing artwork;
High level of entertainment.

Not so good:

This should be called Deadpool / The Punisher ( Team up) instead of Deadpool vs Punisher.

Overall rate: 9 /10

Review by Ivo Santos (@ivomgs)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

PC POST #350: Alternate Assassination: Punisher's Most Killed Villain

The Punisher got one problem, he can't kill major Marvel villains too often. But sometimes, when the world is ending or when he is in alternate universes the creative teams take the liberty to tell Frank's story without chains and let him be himself and do his job.

Although there is a certain character that is more "killed" than others and that man does not even belong to the Punisher's rogue gallery but made his appearance in Punisher comics several times, his name is...


The Kingpin is the most feared crime lord of the Marvel Universe, so it doesn't need a rocket scientist to figure it out that one way or another he would cross paths with the Punisher.
Both have fought hand-to-hand a few times.

In the first time Frank took a beating during Punisher Vol. 2 #15-#18.

Story: Mike Baron / Art: Whilce Portaccio

And in the most recent Civil War II: Kingpin #3, there was a more balanced fight between Frank and Fisk. Another spectacular fight with no winner.

Story by Matthew Rosenberg / Art by Ricardo Ortiz & Hayden Sherman
 But things changes in alternate universes when anything goes so let's start the list of the many deaths of Kingpin by the Punisher...

What If... Vol.2 #026 The Punisher had Killed Daredevil 

After accidentally kill Daredevil, most of the street level heroes went after Frank to bring him in and Fisk took advantage of it while all attentions were to Frank to rise up.
After a brutal fight between the Punisher and Peter Parker (injured and out of his mind) and without any chance but to kill Parker he went after Kingpin. Injured and without weapons he tried his luck, without any chance he died at the ends of Kingpin...but, he had a surprise.

Story by Kurt Busiek / Art :Luke McDonnel

Secret Wars #1 (2015)

The final days of universe 616 are almost over, with Kingpin inviting some super villains to celebrate the defeat of worlds mightiest heroes, during the party they don't expect a visitor... The Punisher with a huge amount of bullets fulfilling his mission until the end of his life and the main Marvel universe. 

This was the only time he killed Kingpin and other villains in the main Marvel universe.
In Punisher #19 (2014) by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads we can clearly see Frank getting out of the bar in flames.

Story by Jonathan Hickman / Art: Esad Ribic
Artwork by Mitch Gerads

Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #02

Ash Williams lost his Necromicon book and wants to recover it to reverse what happened to Marvel Universe and it's heroes and villains, most of them are zombies. It's a battle of survival and Ash cross paths with Frank Castle with zero priorities in recovering the book his only mission is to terminate all crime.
He visits Kingpin and Hammerhead to deliver the final punishment.

Story by John Layman / Art: Fabiano Neves

What if Vol. 2 #044 Venom had possessed the Punisher

In this alternate universe the Punisher got possessed by the Venom symbiote and of course he wages his war on crime. After destroying most of criminal world he looks for Kingpin and not even Typhoid Mary or Daredevil could stop him from killing Kingpin.

Story by Kurt Busiek / Art by Luke McDonnel

The Punisher vs Marvel Universe

The Punisher was responsible to infect the earth with a virus that turned people into cannibals. Frank Castle is immune to it for being exposed to that virus. Along the way of his war he found non infected people and ends up being caught by Kingpin's tribe with a little help from Deadpool he could get rid of the ropes and ends Kingpin's life along with his tribe.

Story by Jonathan Maberry / Art by Goran Parlov

The Punisher Kills Marvel Universe

Definitely one of the most entertaining stories from an alternate Universe, this time his family was killed during a fight between heroes and skrulls and Frank wage is war on heroes and villains. Kingpin is just another guy that deserves to be dead.

Story by Garth Ennis / Art by Dougie Braithwaite


After failing to assassinate Frank by hiring assassins such as Bullseye and Elektra, Kingpin decides to kill Frank with his own hand. After a violent fight between both characters only one of the two was the last man standing. It was Frank Castle. Frank died from the injuries a few moments before. 
Story by Jason Aaron / Art by Steve Dillon

Kingpin might not belong originally to the Punisher rogues gallery but he sure could be his nemesis. More than Jigsaw or any other.

I hope you liked to see this list, share with your friends and increase your Punisher knowledge.

Article by Ivo Santos (@ivomgs)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


(W) Fred VanLente / (A) George Pérez /
(C) Redmond/ (Cover) Shalvey & Bellaire
After a wonderful first issue this miniseries keeps up a good pace but this time with a little bit of plot development instead of action packed. Van Lente is doing a perfect job portraying both characters. I think the fans of both characters should be happy with this great service.

VanLente built a great chemistry between both characters when we see the usual comedian side of Deadpool and the seriousness of the Punisher. So far, it's working.

We can find some cameos of Marvel characters and we see how Bank got the hands on everybody pockets.

Last issue was top notch action packed adventure with some head to head fight between Deadpool and the Punisher. In this second issue, the action slows down a bit and we will see some detective skills of the Punisher, when he investigates the "tragic deaths" of Bank's family. The Punisher clearly is taking advantage of Deadpool's being a naive
We got some awesome sword fighting between Deadpool and the Don of the Dead.

This comic book is called Deadpool vs Punisher, but in this issue they did not fight against each other but for what i have seen it so far and how it ended we will have another clash between Deadpool and Punisher soon enough.

The artwork of George Pérez is great and i was highly surprised by the details of how gory he can be. Great detail when Deadpool sliced the intestines and head of his enemies during the sword fight with Don. Another positive detail is the great coloring by Redmond that turned this artwork really "smooth" and pleasant read/watch. 

The Good:

-Great pace and interesting plot;
-Awesome portrayal of the protagonists;

-Great artwork of George Pérez and Redmond.

Not so Good:

-Deadpool and Punisher didn't fight in this issue.

Overall Rate: 8 / 10

By Ivo Santos ( @ivomgs )

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

PC POST #348: -REVIEW- THE PUNISHER #11 (2016)

(W) Becky Cloonan / (A) Matt Horak
(C) Frank Martin / (Cover) Declan Shalvey
& Jordie Bellaire
The Punisher #11 is out and it was a blast! Clearly the best issue of the current run!

I can't describe how much fun i had reading this comic book, the storytelling and artwork were in perfect harmony.
Punisher #11 is like 80's movie in terms of action with minimal dialogue and straight up to business, this issue marked a fighting for survival with a cornered and wounded "animal" (Frank Castle) outgunned and outnumbered.

Becky Cloonan did a great work in the passed few issues, in former issues there was some dull moments and sometimes it gave me the feeling that i was lost in terms of storyline. 

But clearly she did set up the story very well and at this point and the results are seen in this issue. The final objectives of Condor are clear, agent Ortiz seems to find the right path and Frank has to close this chapter, that eventually it will be concluded next issue.

Matt Horak and Frank Martin did one hell of a job (again) on this issue. Matt because of his amazing splash pages and scenes during the fight scenes that last for at least 15 pages. Great hand to hand fighting with Frank using all the elements around him to take out dozens of Condor mercs.
Frank Martin set up a dark tone and amazing colors to this issue, once again he let Horak's artwork be even more amazing.

Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire are the perfect team for the covers of this run. Great creative team and how they set up this cover with a perfect aligned sharks formed the eyes and nose and the rocks bellow the ocean formed the teeth of the skull.
The bodies below the ocean and the boat described perfectly what was this story.

The Good:

-Great action;
-Good artwork;
-Compressed storytelling;
-Great cover.

Not so Good:


Overall Rate: 9 / 10

posted by @ivomgs

Thursday, April 13, 2017

PC POST #347: New images of Jon Bernthal as the Punisher fully geared up!

The wait is over for those who were expecting to see Jon Bernthal all geared up as the Punisher and of course seeing the skull.

Looks like that Frank got rid of the old trench coat which is great.

Doing his own homemade "skull" seems the right choice for someone like Frank who lives "off the grid".
I'm very excited for this upcoming series and i'm going to risk that this could be one of the most expected Marvel/Netflix series.

These photos can be seen in the original source in Getty Images.

-Ivo Santos (@ivomgs)