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PC POST #111: Punisher Nightmare #5 Review

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Punisher: Nightmare #5 Review

Writter: Scott M. Gimple
Artist: Mark Texeira
Colorist: Frank D'Armata

STORY (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): This issue starts with Frank heavily armed finding Johnny in the sewers and shoot him with a gatling gun on Johnny's back turning him into pulp. Then Frank tries to deactivate all the C4 that Johnny planted in the sewers and store the deactivated C4 on his bag.
 On this time Johnny has recovered from his wounds and smash Frank into the walls, Frank shoot him and gets released from him and start running to create some space. Frank shoots the lights from the sewers and shoots his RPG almost hitting Johnny with a quick move escapes from the blast. Frank continues to running to get out of the sewers and he his being tailed by Johnny.

When Johnny get out of the sewers he sees that he is in Central Park, with Frank waiting for him in the place that started everything from both of them.

Johnny charges at Frank beating him over and over. At this time we get the feeling that Frank is planning something and he's getting beaten on purpose. After some beating Frank draws a pistol with incendiary ammo and all that beating Johnny didn't notice that Frank planted C4 on his back, Frank shoots and we see an huge explosion.

At the end of this issue Frank continues the mission when he and Jake left off, he finds the men that Dubose hired to kill Jake's family and kill them. Lastly he locates Sarnoff the man behind all the serum experiments and Johnny Nightmare and put a bullet to finish his life.

WRITING: Gimple's writing continues very solid at the end of this mini series, this is the conclusion of a great mini and i wish that Gimple continued to write more Punisher stories, he developed a Punisher that i haven't seen for awhile. This Punisher has feelings, he isn't a machine, he still misses his family.


ART: The most consistent point on all of this mini, excelent drawing by Texeira and brilliant colors by Frank D'Armata they make a great creative team and like Gimple i wish to see them in more Punisher comics.

ENTERTAINING VALUE: Well this issue was non stop action since the beggining until the end like a good Punisher comic should be. Johnny Nightmare was a good Punisher villain in hand to hand it was a little out of Frank's league but gladly Frank outsmart him in the end. It's really sad to see this issue as the last of this mini series this last three issues were very entertaining, but i will be with high hopes to see this creative team together to write once more a Punisher mini series or maybe an ongoing.



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PC POST #110: Punisher Nightmare #5 Preview

This is it people, last issue of this great mini series, all hell will be on the loose in the sewers below Times Square... It's really sad that two great minis are reaching the end ( Rucka's and Gimple) and we will be resumed to Thunderbolts... I hope Marvel have more of this stuff to share with us.


PC POST #109: Punisher War Zone #4 Preview

Here comes a preview of issue #4 for this fantastic run by Greg Rucka.

It's on sale 30rd January BUY IT!


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PC POST #108: Punisher Nightmare #4 Review

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Punisher: Nightmare #4 Review

Writter: Scott M. Gimple
Artist: Mark Texeira
Colorist: Frank D'Armata

STORY (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): This issue begins when the last one stopped, Frank, Dubose and Johnny falling from the building where they were interrogating Dubose before Johnny turned against Frank.
While falling, Frank managed to grab a ledge of a window avoiding direct hit into the concrete. When he reached downstairs he only found Dubose in his last breath he said a name to Frank, Kyle Sarnoff. That name is someone related to Frank's past back into Vietnam.

Johnny is on the run by a cab, while Frank gets some info about his wherebouts... Times Square. Frank gets back to his warehouse and starts to arming up and desguise himself to get Johnny in Time Square. While he is in Time Square some cops spot him and try to bring him in, but Frank subdue them and goes underground. Johnny is in the underground planning to bomb Time Square using C-4 that he grab from Frank's bag while they were falling.


WRITING: Once more Gimple is really doing a great job by characterizing Frank, this time we travel back into one of the tours of Frank back in the 'Nam. Gimple explain to us two important situations back in Nam that are important to this story related to Kyle Sarnoff. Gimple in this issue is exploring about Frank's remaining humanity which is a good thing for me.


ART: Nothing more to add since the last issue, great work by this great team Tex and D'Armata. Only one not so good points. While desguised in Times Square someone walking with dark glasses by night, one travel/sport bags in each hand and the white boots, in my opinion is not the best way to desguise...


ENTERTAINING VALUE: Since issue #3 this mini-series is getting better and better like i was predicted in the last review of this book, in this issue Gimple is exploring Frank's remaining humanity and he is doing a wonderful job linking to some events in his past. I have said that this book could be a good way to new readers start reading the Punisher and its confirmed. It's a fact that Tex and D'Armata are doing a great job in the art of this book but the only downside is related to Frank's desguise in Times Square. I'm glad that this book is out, this will give some hope to all Punisher fans that beside Rucka's there are more writers that can handle this character.

RATING: 4.5/5



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PC POST #107: Punisher: Nightmare #4 Preview

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Here goes another preview of this great issue on sale January, 23 2013.

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PC POST #106: Punisher: Nightmare #3 Review

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Punisher: Nightmare #3 Review

 Writer: Scott M. Gimple
Art: Mark Texeira
Colorist: Frank D'Armata 
STORY(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): This issue begins with Jake Niman getting shot in the head by an unknown assassin and the Punisher going after him. We got some background about this unknown assassin he's name is Dubose and he was a former sargeant of Jake's unit in the army. While Punisher his pursuing Dubose by car and carrying C4 in the trunk he gets shot and his car explodes, Punisher gets out of the car before the explosion but he lost his senses. 
Then we see Jake in his alter persona Nightmare taking Dubose as a prisoner lifting him with one hand both legs. Nightmare and Punisher go to a building scooped by Jake/Nightmare closer to Kozlowskis and to avoid attention and they start interrogating Dubose. They discover that Dubose was recruited by the army to kill Jake. When the Punisher takes over the interrogation we get to know that Jake was an experiment of the army, they injected him with the "Lazarus Serum". 
This serum uses injuries to remake tissue and it takes two years to kick in. 

When Frank is questioning Dubose and he his trying to release himself from the strings, Nightmare is questioning everything, his friends, enemies, motives and getting too confused. Dubose gets released from the strings and Frank fights him. When Frank immobilizes Dubose, Nightmare points the gun to Frank and starts to shooting at him, all hell went loose in the next panel we see the three of them falling from the window.


WRITING: I think Gimple nailed it in this issue, we got some glimpses of  "Civil War" and some good speeches of Captain America about the Punisher and how his action may encourage others. Finally Gimple is wraping up some loose ends about Jake and the experiment the army done with him. One of the great points in Gimple's writing is the inner monologues of Frank we got to know what he is thinking in various situations. Anyone who knows the character may not need to read this, but this is very helpful to catch new readers to get into this wonderful character.

ART: As the previous issues this is the most consistent point in this comic, good colors thanks to Frank D'Armata and the art itself by Texeira. What i like the most is the expression of the characters and all the action that involves them. Can't say much more than i have in the previous reviews, this guys are GREAT!


ENTERTAINING VALUE: This is by far the best issue of the three! At the beggining of this issue we got some "Art of War" wisdom phrases by Sun Tzu which perfectly fits the Punisher. Then we got some good action in this comic something that lacks a bit in the previous issues. 
In my opinion with all the other issues this could be a good way to start reading the Punisher. With Captain America speeches and the Punisher inner monologues back in the "Civil War" i think this is a good way to start for anyone new to this character. 
I got the feeling that Jake Niman/Johnny Nightmare is becoming one of the great anthologists in the Punisher rogue's gallery thanks to all development of this character along these three issues. 
Great work by all the team behind this book. Gimple, Texeira and Frank D'Armata keep this great comic in the right track.


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PC POST #105: Punisher Animated Movie & Thunderbolts NOW!

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Great news guys it seems that the Punisher will have a new animated movie after Rise of Technovore!!

In an interview posted by Word Balloon podcast, Jeph Loeb said that the Punisher and Black Widow will team up after the upcoming Iron Man: Rise of Technovore.  We will be in "state" of alert about further developments for this movie.

Thunderbolts NOW!

By Tim Stevens
Sometimes disparate groups of people can come together and surprise you with their camaraderie and teamwork as they overcome the odds and seize the day.
Other times you end up like the cast of THUNDERBOLTS, who find themselves under siege from outside forces and dissension in the ranks starting with issue #7 out in March thanks to the creative team of writer Daniel Way and artist Phil Noto.
“Going into the second arc, the Thunderbolts are on the brink of self-annihilation, a development that would make a large percentage of the Marvel Universe very, very happy,” Way reveals. “You saw the cover for #7, right? That’s about the only working relationship within the team going into the second arc, and even that one isn’t free of mortal danger.”

However, just because the team does not work well together does not mean they do not “work” well with their writer, who has been pleasantly startled at how quickly the characters have felt comfortable to him.
“Once you start writing these characters, they just…materialize, fully formed,” he enthuses. “That’s amazing, and it’s a credit to their various creators. I’m a bit surprised at how, by their very design, these characters still retain their ‘lone wolf’ personas, even while operating as part of a group.
“And one other thing: I never would’ve guessed that Deadpool would become the ‘heart’ of the group.”
For Noto, the team has been a delight to draw although perhaps more of a challenge to fully realize.
“I've drawn Deadpool quite a bit, but I've always been a big fan of the Punisher and Venom, so that's a thrill,” he shares. “Red Hulk is great because of his size and contrast to the other characters. And I've always dreamed of drawing Elektra in a real comic book so I'm in heaven!

The Punisher
“Frank Castle's been the trickiest for me to draw. I don't want to just ape another artist's Punisher, so I've tried to create my original version of him. Usually a specific actor will come to mind and that gives me a good foundation but I couldn't cast Frank in my head. I ended up with some original head sketches though that are working well.”
While Noto managed to find an approach to Frank that works, the Thunderbolts will struggle in the book’s second arc. Vulnerable from their internal squabbling, they quickly find themselves beset by an enemy who represents a particularly painful threat to at least one member of the team.
“It’s an established character, though one that hasn’t been seen in a few years,” Way teases. “As far as how this character is related to the Thunderbolts? To one of them, the answer is: ‘by blood.’”
Unfortunately, the external threats to the squad do not stop there.
“The level of blowback leveled at the Thunderbolts will soon match the level of blowback occurring within the Thunderbolts,” Way divulges. “After the events of issue #7 the CIA, in particular, will be more than concerned with their actions.

“Oh, and the Avengers.”
Thunderbolts #4 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco
Way and Noto promise fans the book will ratchet up the intensity to be more than equal to the strife the team now must face.
“I'm trying to add a bit more realism to this book in terms of the ‘world’ they inhabit,” Noto explains. “I feel the tone of the story is a cool action/military adventure that just happens to have some super hero characters in it. There's definitely a globe-hopping Indiana Jones/ Bond vibe to the variety of the locations.”
“Physically [this storyline takes the team] from one end of the Asian continent to the other as well as a few quick jaunts into Eastern Europe and North Africa,” Way notes.
“Emotionally, [they go] to the bleeding edge.”


It seems 2013 it will be a good year besides the canceled ongoing written by Rucka, but we will have two movies with the appearence of the Punisher maybe we got more news in the upcoming months, stay tuned!

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PC POST #104: Punisher: Nightmare #3 Preview

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After this intense week we got some preview of the upcoming Punisher: Nightmare #3..

Great stuff and this beeing in the Civil War era it makes more sense to me.

See you next week for this review...

PC POST #103: Punisher : War Zone #3

Punisher: War Zone #3

WRITERS: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Carmine Di Giandomenico
COLOR ARTIST: Matt Hollingsworth
LETTERS: VC’s Joe Caramagna
COVER: Marco Checchetto
EDITOR: Stephen Wacker
PUBLISHER: Dan Buckley

Release Date: January 9th, 2012
Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, INC.

Price – $2.99


After a decent first outing and a rough second in his current run of the Punisher : War Zone series, Rucka bounces back to deliver an intriguing story where Thor attempts to bring Frank Castle all by himself. Rucka does a nice job of setting up what seems to be an epic last two issues of the series. It starts off slow and predictable but ends being a breath of fresh air! Let’s hope that this version of Frank Castle goes out with a bang!

Rating – “B+”


Carmine’s work had been less than satisfactory in the previous two issues for my taste, but surprisingly enough his work fits well in this issue. The interactions between Castle and Thor Odinson mix well and dialogue between characters feels natural. Great work Carmine!

Rating – “B+”



This issue rings true with the first two issues of this limited series. Thor is sent by Captain America of the Avengers to bring in the Punisher. After an encounter in Indonesia where Frank tries to lead Thor into a trap, Thor gains the upper hand and knocks Castle out.

Later on they have a deep conversation on a rooftop about Castle recent decision making and how it will ultimately lead to a good person who Castle cares about being put to death. They even have this conversation while sharing some ale! This conversation brings the book up to the level of the Punisher book by Rucka in its dialog and intrigue. Thor eventually leaves Punisher to ponder their conversation and readers are left wondering what Castle’s next decision will be.

Rating – “B+“


Overall, there is a lot to be entertained with in this issue. From explosions to knock-out punches from Thor to Punisher and Thor sharing a drink with deep discussion…you just can’t get enough of it. I was pleasantly surprised by this story and I am now looking forward to where it goes from here.

Rating – “B”


PC POST #102: Punisher: Nightmare #2 Review

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This time i will change the order of my review it seemed to me more correct to began with story, writing, art and entertaining value.

Punisher: Nightmare #2 Review

 Writer: Scott M. Gimple
Art: Mark Texeira
Colorist: Frank D'Armata

STORY(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): This issue began with Jake thinking about his past some sargeat screaming at him, a doctor with a vaccine, him "burying" Johnny Nightmare in the war and remembering the shooting that killed is family. He and Frank were in the street on mission and then we see in the next page Jake bleeding in the floor. Then we see Frank asking him how can he healed in twelve hours from third degree burns and gunshot wounds. One interesting detail is that he wear the shirt with the skull at his wrong side, like oposing the Punisher. In the next pages we know that Jake was part of some program of the army that's why we see a doctor gave him a shot, then we got more panels of his past and Jake talking to Frank asking how did he manage to deal with the death of his family. In some panels we see that Jake quit the army.Then see Frank arming up Jake and then go tracking the killers of Jake's family, they were ambushed in a medical facility get rid of them and we see them in the streets and Jake getting shot in the back of the head. In the final page we see him arise like Johnny Nightmare.


WRITING: The writing seems very solid once again but this time most of this comic is all about Jake Niman/Johnny Nightmare, we got some talking with Frank and Jake but mostly we are revisiting Jake's past as a special soldier in Afghanistan. Gimple is teasing us with some background information of Jake and i got the feeling that he is "playing" him like an opera with some crescendo in it always growing until it reaches his peak. This time we got some inner monologues but only for Jake/Johnny and his split persona issue. More and more we got the feeling that this guy's mind is pretty damaged and he will going to cause problem for Frank.


ART: The art is again at the same level as the last issue. All the action is well made, beutifully colors done by Frank D'Armata he is giving life to this comic and with this boost, Texeira's graphics are really glowing through all of this comic. Texeira is giving emotion to this characters and we almost see them in the graphics and we almost don't need to read to understand them, just look at them. Texeira and D'Armata are really hitting the right spot.


ENTERTAINING VALUE: This was a crazy issue, seeing Jake/Johnny with his inner monologues back to the past and go to the present and repeated panels almost 3/4 times if not more than this, was kind of a let down for me. 
We got a little of Frank just direct talking and no "inside thinking" since this issue was almost about Jake/Johnny split persona craziness. This was somewhat a continued "set-up thing" from issue #1, as a Punisher fan i want action we got a glimpse of it when Frank and Jake are ambushed in the medical facility and some explosions back into Jake's past. The graphics of Texeira's plus D'Armata colors in this comic we need to see some action in the next issues, and i'm hoping to see that in the #3rd issue. I believe this book covers all or most of Jake's past.

RATING: 3/5 


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PC POST #101: War Zone #3, Thunderbolts #3 & Nightmare #2 previews

Punisher: War Zone #3 Preview

Thunderbolts #3 preview

Punisher: Nightmare #2 preview

Don't forget to buy these issues in 9th of January 2013, it will be a great day to be a Punisher fan!!