Friday, July 29, 2016


Getting a monthly comic is really hard, specially when the run is good! But finally we another issue coming out next week (3rd, August).

(W) Becky Cloonan / (A) Steve Dillon / (Colors) Frank Martin / (CA) Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire & Chip Zdarsky

• The PUNISHER tracks the psychopathic FACE and his madness-inducing drug EMC to a derelict insane asylum!
• But Punisher's got his own tail: DEA agents, and Face...DRIVING A TANK.
• The little girl in the Punisher's passenger seat might be safer on the side of the road!

Ivo Santos | @ivomgs

Thursday, July 28, 2016

PC POST #306: Marvel's Punisher for 2018 or 2019 & possible appearence in Defenders

It seems that we have to wait a bit more for our long awaited Marvel's Punisher series. 

It's was seen in IMDB that the release for the Marvel's Punisher would be near November of 2017.
But Ted Sarandos said in the TCA press tour that Marvel's Luke Cage  will premiere later this year (September 30th) and it will be followed by Marvel's Iron Fist and Marvel's Defenders in 2017, he also said that the previously ordered season 2 and 3 of Jessica Jones and Daredevil would follow.

This makes things harder to make Marvel's Punisher premiere even in 2018... Unless they can speed up the release of only 2 Netflix series per year.

Ted Sarandos was asked about this matter by the audience and he replied:

“I doubt that we could produce at the quality that  produce at that speed. But we’re gonna try to make them quicker so we can get less downtime between them.”
He was asked by the audience if the Punisher (Jon Bernthal) would team up with Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones in Marvel's Defenders series and he said: 
“Uh… stay tuned.” -Ted Sarandos
This would be the perfect occasion to make a Punisher appearence like it happened during Shadowland event.

The Punisher basically make an appearence to save heroes that were trapped.

Ivo Santos | @ivomgs

Monday, July 25, 2016

PC POST #305: Punisher Solicitations for October 2016

This October bring us the monthly Punisher "fix" with the coming of Punisher #6 by Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon and a Punisher Annual #1 written by the father of the Punisher... Gerry Conway!

It's been 25 years since he wrote the last storyline (Bloodlines) and he is back and i can't wait to read it!

Punisher Annual #1
(W) Gerry Conway / (A) Felix Luiz / (CA) Rahzzah
OUR TREAT: FRANK'S UP TO HIS OLD TRICKS!•  There are ghouls everywhere on Halloween night, but real monsters don't wear costumes!•  The Punisher is searching for a killer, but he's also being watched...•  Let's hope Frank's quarry doesn't put costumed civvies in the line of fire!
In stores: Oct 26, 2016! 

The Punisher #6
(W) Becky Cloonan / (A) Steve Dillon / (CA) Declan Shalvey

•  An EXPLOSIVE dispatch from the war zone that is the Punisher's past!
•  Where would Frank be without Olaf? Chasing Condor in New York, or a grave in Arlington?
•  How the marine and his commander parted ways, revealed for the first time!

In Stores: Oct 05, 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016

PC POST #304: SDCC: Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets

It was revealed today in San Diego Comic Con in the panel of Marvel: House of Ideas that Doctor Strange and Punisher will team up in a new digital comic in the format of the well known "Infinite Comics" that was already introduced to us in Daredevil/Punisher: 7th Circle miniseries. 

This format is specially designed for tablets which contains animated transitions with a swipe of a finger. 

Doctor Strange /The Punisher: Magic Bullets will put both characters facing a new mafia threat in a story that will be written by John Barber (IDW's The Transformers). The artist is still unknown.

Both characters have already teamed up in the past. During Secret Defenders comics back in the 90's and more recently in Original Sin.

Keep in touch with the blog for more news as soon as it is revealed by Marvel.


Friday, July 22, 2016

PC POST #303: Jon Bernthal in San Diego Comic Con 2016

Yesterday during Marvel's Netflix Luke Cage panel in SDCC, Jon Bernthal appeared for surprise of all the fans and left a few words for what we have to expect of him as the Punisher.

"I know how much he means to you guys. I take that with me every day."
"Frank is, he's in my bones now. He's with me. Makes me love my family more. Hug my kids harder".

-Jon Bernthal @ SDCC

What was strange was that Jeph Loeb make  this like it was the big announcement of the Punisher series, when we already know that months ago.


Sunday, July 10, 2016


(W) Becky Cloonan / (A) Steve Dillon / (Cover) Declan Shalvey / (C) Frank Martin

After the events of last issue Frank is still trying to put down this criminal organization who wants to spread this new drug called EMC.

By far this is the best issue so far. Finally things start to kick off.

The plot advances and Face is gathering a few soldiers to test EMC2 that is far more effective than the original.

I really liked how Frank is playing with the DEA leaving them a little present of his presence. So far he is one step forward of agent Ortiz and Henderson.

This issue like the others is action packed and we see the Punisher attacking a lab of EMC that it's guarded by some country "bad boys" led by Josiah. A man who armed his daughter with a bomb as last resort to protect the lab and kill the Punisher.

Becky Cloonan gave us once again a solid issue, action packed, smart Frank and we were teased about his humanity while he dealt with Josiah's daughter.

Another great thing, she bring the Battlevan to a Punisher book! It's been decades that a writer bring that four wheels beast into a Punisher ongoing.

Just wanted to give some shout out for the fantastic variant cover by Becky Cloonan, it's really good and the dark theme was perfect for the character. I really loved to see her artwork more often. Specially for a issue in this current run.

-(Charles Soule introduce us already to the Battlevan during Daredevil/Punisher: 7th Circle).

Variant Cover by Becky Cloonan

The art is well done by Steve Dillon, i said it in the last review that this is the best of his work and this issue just confirms it. It's not by chance that after so many years, he's the most veteran Punisher artist. Great design of the characters and he delivered great action scenes.

Credits for Frank Martin too who gave depth and color to Dillon's artwork.

Congratulations for a great cover by Declan Shalvey, this is his year, since his work will be in many covers of Marvel like Civil War II: Choosing Sides and the Punisher.

Final Words: I am very happy with this last issue, finally i get the feeling that things are getting in a good way. Good action and a simple and comprehensive story, well fit for the character.
I'm getting used to Dillon's artwork every time a Punisher comic is released, i'm following his work since "Welcome Back Frank Back" and he's even better than his previous Punisher works in PunisherMAX and Thunderbolts.

Can't wait for issue #4!
 Overal Rate: 8 out of 10

Monday, July 4, 2016

PC POST #301: -PREVIEW- Punisher #3

This week (6th July) Punisher #3 will be released and here goes some preview.


Writer: Becky Cloonan
Artist: Steve Dillon
Cover: Declan Shalvey


  • On the trail of the horrific drug EMC, Frank Castle lands on the doorstep of a crew bloodthirsty Appalachian warriors.

  • But the leader of the group knows The Punisher's brutal style, and he is prepared to fight fire with fire... on an innocent bystander.

  • In the midst of a carnage, how will Frank weight the crimes of Condor against the life of an innocent?