Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PC POST #5: Punisher Tattoo of the day!

Hey there Punisher fans!

One of Punisher Central's fans Ivan Franco, or @ivenucca on Twitter, sent in this amazing picture and story about how he got this amazing Punisher artwork put on his arm.

Ivan shared his story by saying,

"I got this tattoo when I was 19 yrs old. I'm 27 now. I've always loved the punisher and also venom. I got this tattoo at a shop called the covenant in the Bronx NY. It was my first tat ever. And it was also a gift from one of my best friends."

Thanks for sharing this amazing Punisher ink Ivan!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PC POST #4: Punisher poll of the day: 01/18/2012


Monday, January 16, 2012

PC POST #3: Punisher #8 Preview!

Punisher #8 Preview

WRITER: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Marco Checchetto
STORY: The face to face you've all been waiting for as ex-Hydra and AIM agents work together to bring down The Punisher! Frank is up against a soldier more like him than either of them realize!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory -- $2.99

Marvel just released yesterday a fantastic preview of the upcoming February issue that is Punisher #8. It appears that the events that transpired in issue #6 will come to a head as Castle has to face a familiar face. But will this face end up being a ally or a formidable foe?

Sneak Peek: The Punisher #8

Marvel has also released a slew of images from this issue that will for sure get fans of this young series excited!

As you can probably tell, it appears that the entire issue will be in black, white and splashes of red for the effect of blood.

A man is lying dead on the street with blood draining away from the body.

The Punisher (2011) #8 preview art by Marco Checchetto

An interesting standoff ensues....

The Punisher (2011) #8 preview art by Marco Checchetto

It appears that the aftermath of issue #6 & 7 is being shown again from a different perspective?....

The Punisher (2011) #8 preview art by Marco Checchetto

The showdown between the Punisher and his new ally or foe?....

Friday, January 13, 2012

PC POST #2: Punisher Sales Charts - December 2011

Comic book sales figures are now in for the month of December 2011. Here is the report for how Punisher books performed.

Punisher #7 ended in 81st place with an estimated $23,971 earned.
Punisher MAX #20 ended 123rd with an estimated $17,191 earned.

Let's make a hard effort to get Punisher better totals in January!

Punisher #7

Punisher MAX #20

Thursday, January 12, 2012

PC POST #1: "The Omega Effect" upcoming crossover covers!

Marvel's arguably most famous street level heroes will cross each other's paths in a big way this April as "The Omega Effect" ripples through Avenging Spider-ManDaredevil and The Punisher. Beginning in Avenging Spider-Man #6, co-written by Greg Rucka (The Punisher) and Mark Waid (Daredevil), Reed Richard's Omega Device, which holds secrets of five of Marvel's most prolific criminal organizations, will fall into Daredevil's hands. Before he can even decide what to do with it, The Punisher will arrive with his own plans for the device. In an effort to reclaim it, Richards will send Future Foundation team mate Spider-Man into the fray, complicating an already tense situation. Three men and an Omega Device, you know?

Check out covers from the upcoming crossover below.

"THE OMEGA EFFECT" by Marco Checchetto

Daredevil #11 by Marco Martin

Avenging Spider-Man #6 by Steve McNiven

Punisher #10 by Marco Checche