Saturday, November 26, 2016

PC POST #331: -REVIEW- A Year of Marvels November Infinite Comic #01

Looks like Infinite Comics are a constant these days, specially featuring the Punisher.
This current year, there was Daredevil /The Punisher: 7th Circle, Doctor Strange / Punisher: Magic Bullets ( still ongoing) and now this short story Year of Marvels November #01.

(W) Todd & Elliot Casey / (A) Paul Davidson / (C) Lee Loughridge
-Might contain spoilers- 

The story begins with the Punisher badly wounded due to a miscalculation of the firepower of the gang he attacked. He passes out and he's found by a family that treats his wounds. Bad luck for them, the gang he attacked found out and tries to put the Punisher and the family down for good. 

The Punisher is weaponless and has to deal with them before they end him.

Never read the work of Todd and Elliot Casey, but they wrote a very simplistic Punisher story. Unfortunately it does not bring nothing new. 
On the other side this was a decent standalone story, it reminded me the good old days when there were simple stories like this in between major arcs.

Todd and Elliot created some connections among the main characters of this story. They even introduce elements that could make Frank relate to them, but i think it didn't work out. 

The action was decent, but sometimes the crooks were too dumb and died in the most ridiculous situations.

The art of Paul Davidson was decent. It helped a lot to give some quality to this story and the colors of Lee Loughridge definitely have to be mentioned specially for the dark panels when Frank is facing those gangsters.

This review was hard to do, i have read at least three times just to see what i was missing. I was expecting a bit more of this story, it's not bad, but somehow i felt that i have read this somewhere.
The other thing was the lack of empathy i i felt with some characters, even considering all circumstances presented in this comic.
It looked like that everything was a bit rushed without time to developed them.

Overall Rate: 5.5 / 10

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Friday, November 25, 2016

PC POST #330: -REVIEW- Doctor Strange / The Punisher: Magic Bullets #2

Last week it was released issue two of this miniseries that belongs to a new wave of Punisher "Infinite Comics" ( Only digital, for now).

(W) John Barber / (A) Andrea Broccardo / (C) Andrew Crossley

Last issue Frank search for Doctor Strange help on dealing with demonic monsters that were in the mafia restaurant he attacked.

Most of this issue Frank tries to persuade Doctor Strange ( who wants to help) but in some odd way shows some resistance to Frank's invitation.
While in the Fusilli's restaurant looks like some sort of "hotspot" for demonic monsters, a new character appears, Mangrove aka Doctor Hurt. He is the man who will leech the powers of those demonic beasts and transfer it to the Fusilli's brothers.

The Punisher in this story is clearly out of the picture, dealing with demonic beasts is more Strange's department. But i'm curious to see what will happen.

John Barber took the time to explore a bit more of the story, while the cliffhanger we see in the end of the comic give us a hint, that issue #3 will give us the expected fight between the Sorcerer Supreme and the One Man Army against those supernatural beasts.

The art of Andrea Broccardo still has the same quality (great) has we seen in the past issue. My only complaint is the colorful issue but that's the department of Andrew Crossley.
I think this comic should be darker, specially because of the theme.

Barber and Broccardo continue to give us a good ride. The pace of the story did slow down a bit but it was necessary for exploring a bit more of the story.
And despite that this isn't Frank's business, i'm looking forward to see what John Barber will do with character while facing these supernatural threats.

Overall Rate: 7.0 / 10

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

PC POST #329: -REVIEW- Doctor Strange / The Punisher: Magic Bullets #1

Another initiative featuring the Punisher in Infinite Comics. Last time it featured Daredevil and Punisher fighting about their beliefs.

This time it features Doctor Strange and Punisher written by John Barber ( Optimus Prime, Ultimate Spider-Man infinite comics, etc...) and as artist, Andrea Broccardo.

(W) John Barber / (A) Andrea Broccardo / (A) Andres Mossa / (Cover) Michael Walsh

This team up between Doctor Strange and the Punisher happened a few times before and most of the times it worked despite all the differences among the characters.

-Contain some spoilers-

The first issue was some sort of introduction of both characters. The Punisher part is full of action when we see him taking down the Fusilli's mob.
Great dynamic in every action scene and Frank was perfectly portrayed on how he took care of the goons.

During this attack. Frank take notice that the mob members are defending a "door" but he doesn't know what it is behind it. He breaks it down and we do not see what comes next. After this we see Doctor Strange introduction until the last pages we see Frank asking for Strange's help.

This was a very entertaining issue with a many action and it was a great experience using this"infinite comics" format.
The panels were very dynamic and so far, due to the action of this comic, it was better experience than Daredevil / The Punisher issue #1.

John Barber told a very simplistic plot with the Punisher (more is to be revealed next issue). But it was entertained enough to keep me hooked for the next issue. There wasn't nothing more to tell about the Punisher in this issue aside from the bullets and corpses all over the issue.

John Barber and Andrea Broccardo did a great job in constructing this issue. Both storytelling and artwork were perfectly sync. 
Andrea's art was very decent in this issue, despite all the colorful issue. I like the Punisher comics to be as dark as possible, but it didn't waste all the fun. Andrea's is a good artist i think that we haven't seen anything yet. We haven't seen all his capacities.


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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Twenty-five years has passed since Gerry Conway ( The Punisher co-creator) wrote a Punisher comic (Punisher One-Shot: Bloodlines) and now he is back.. and with a blast!

(W) Gerry Conway / (A) Felix Ruiz / (CoverA) Rahzzaa (C) Lee Loughridge
This story was a delight. Gerry Conway belongs to a very strict group of people that can tells a point of view story about the Punisher with the Punisher as the main character without being overshadowed by secondary characters.

Gerry Conway built a great story that is about the "justice system". 

Mamdouh is a police officer seeking for revenge and he is totally split by using the legal system and what the Punisher does. 
These stories are always good to read when the writer knows the character to his foundations and who's better than Gerry Conway? Maybe two or three writers in the comic book industry.

This was one of my favorite Punisher story of the past years and Conway just answered for my expectations.

The artwork by Felix Ruiz wasn't "eye catchy" and sometimes too "sketchy" at the beginning but during the reading it looked better than the initial pages. On the other side i liked how the action scenes were portrayed thanks to Lee Loughridge for the tone and colors to this annual.
Just another complain is that i didn't like at all how Ruiz make Frank shoot with gun sideways when he deliver the final blow to Nicky.

Conclusion: I really like to see Gerry Conway back in a Punisher book after so many years. I even would like to see him writing a Punisher ongoing after this successful annual.

Looking forward to see Conway back. 


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