Sunday, November 13, 2016

PC POST #329: -REVIEW- Doctor Strange / The Punisher: Magic Bullets #1

Another initiative featuring the Punisher in Infinite Comics. Last time it featured Daredevil and Punisher fighting about their beliefs.

This time it features Doctor Strange and Punisher written by John Barber ( Optimus Prime, Ultimate Spider-Man infinite comics, etc...) and as artist, Andrea Broccardo.

(W) John Barber / (A) Andrea Broccardo / (A) Andres Mossa / (Cover) Michael Walsh

This team up between Doctor Strange and the Punisher happened a few times before and most of the times it worked despite all the differences among the characters.

-Contain some spoilers-

The first issue was some sort of introduction of both characters. The Punisher part is full of action when we see him taking down the Fusilli's mob.
Great dynamic in every action scene and Frank was perfectly portrayed on how he took care of the goons.

During this attack. Frank take notice that the mob members are defending a "door" but he doesn't know what it is behind it. He breaks it down and we do not see what comes next. After this we see Doctor Strange introduction until the last pages we see Frank asking for Strange's help.

This was a very entertaining issue with a many action and it was a great experience using this"infinite comics" format.
The panels were very dynamic and so far, due to the action of this comic, it was better experience than Daredevil / The Punisher issue #1.

John Barber told a very simplistic plot with the Punisher (more is to be revealed next issue). But it was entertained enough to keep me hooked for the next issue. There wasn't nothing more to tell about the Punisher in this issue aside from the bullets and corpses all over the issue.

John Barber and Andrea Broccardo did a great job in constructing this issue. Both storytelling and artwork were perfectly sync. 
Andrea's art was very decent in this issue, despite all the colorful issue. I like the Punisher comics to be as dark as possible, but it didn't waste all the fun. Andrea's is a good artist i think that we haven't seen anything yet. We haven't seen all his capacities.


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