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PC POST #134: Punisher vs Daken ( DK: The List) -Battle Review-

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Hello everyone since the last battle review had a good response from fans i will continue to give my thoughts about some battles that the Punisher has been into against the super powered people. If you want a specific battle reviewed tweet us, facebook, or say it in the comments below.

Punisher vs Daken (Dark Reign: The List)
-Battle Review-

First of all, i don't have any doubt that Frank would be beaten by Daken in hand to hand, it's no need any rocket scientist to figure this out. Frank is human and Daken mutant with all the perks he has.

Well Osborn was pissed with Frank because he destroyed most of his "business" along all the "Dark Reign" arc. He tried to stop him with the help of the Hood but Frank overcome him. So he tried other methods, he send one member of his special "dirty" ops team... Daken.

Before this battle started Frank was injured by the battles with Death Adder, Basilisk and the Hood.


Sorrounded, cornered there is only way... Survive and try to fight back.

Health status: Wounded by his previous battles and one broken leg. Things aren't favorable for Frank.

Now to the battle:

Judging by these images how can Daken move almost like Spider-Man? Yeah, Frank was injured but still he could miss the first shot but when he shoots almost in "auto" he could have hit Daken. In these piece of action he was far overated. The next image is obvious, one painful hit to the belly by Daken's claws.

Like an automatic response of some kind of survival instinct, Frank decides to attack and he does it fairly well.

Ok, good effort for Frank, with this hits he could gather some precious time to get the hell out of there but no, Daken with his "super" healing factor recovers as if it was nothing. To me this was unreal.

Frank somehow planted a bomb on Daken's arm, in the images above he was close enough to do it but what comes next it seems a fight like we seen on Looney Toons.

A nice planted bomb in Daken's arm, this should worked and give some time to his healing factor kicks in. But no, this was a looney toon fight and Daken doesn't stay down.

By the time Frank reach the roof he encounters the "assassination squad" sent by Osborn waiting for him, he was definetely in a "no-win" situation but personally i would prefer this kind of death than what comes next...

 And this is it, no words to express these sequence of events, Punisher was no match to fight Daken hand to hand. But i still believe in most of this fight, Daken was way overated by Remender. Frank fight him until the very end. This could have been ended in some way very differently, not that Frank could beat Daken but if he were written properly, i have no doubt that the Punisher could've survived. But Marvel had plans for Frank in the events that were after this ( Franken-Castle).


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